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This week, as they are still recovering from last week's tragedy, the girls smuggle maple syrup.

S3E13 "Sticky Hands and a Walk on the Wild Side"

At the start of the episode, Christy talks in AA about Jodi, and it really intense. Marjorie is at the meeting, she only got back from her cruise the day before, and that's when she found out about Jodi. She is angry at Christy for not telling her. Christy, Bonnie, Jill, and Wendy have coffee, and Bonnie shares an opportunity she has discovered, smuggling maple syrup from Canada, and it is hilarious because she doesn't reveal that it is maple syrup she is talking about until the end.

Christy and Bonnie are preparing for their trip, and Bonnie does a hilarious impression of Marjorie while talking about how Christy normally calls Marjorie at this point. The four girls go on their trip, and there are some great hilarious moments. They end up talking, and Christy shows how angry she is with Marjorie for making her the bad guy in the situation. The girls arrive in Canada, and the scene is hilarious. They discover that the barrel of maple syrup is bigger and heavier than they expected.

The girls try to figure out how to get the syrup into the car, and it is hilarious as they bring it over to the car, and then later realize they could have just moved the car to the barrel. They eventually get the barrel into the car, and make it to the border. There, they talk about Jodi, and Christy blames herself for not taking the phone call. They are able to get across the border because they are all crying. Down the road, the four of them have a meeting, and it is an amazing emotional moment.

Back at home, Marjorie shows up at Christy's, and apologizes to Christy for channeling her emotions at Christy. Christy also apologizes, because she is more comfortable being the one apologizing, which is hilarious. There is also some funny moments as the result of Marjorie not knowing why they went to Canada.

This may be the best episode of Mom ever. It dealt with some very heavy emotions, and gave those emotions a lot of time to come out, but also had a lot of fun and some very funny moments. This was definitely a great episode.

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