Jane the Virgin S2E12 Review

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Jane the Virgin is the title of the show, but how long until it doesn't fully apply anymore?

S2E12 "Chapter Thirty-Four"

The episode starts with Jane considering losing her virginity. Xo and Rogelio talk about if kids are a deal breaker. Rafael asks Jane to help Petra with baby related things. Jane talks to Petra, and she says that she isn't having a baby shower, so Jane offers to throw one. Jane then goes on a date with Jonathan, and she agrees to have dinner with him the next day.

Jane and Xo talk about Jonathan, but when Alba enters, they quickly wrap it up. Rogelio plays the scientology disc for Xo, but it is really no big deal. Rogelio proposes to Xo again, and this time she accepts. Jane shows baby products to Petra, but she doesn't like them. Later, Jane complains to Alba as Petra complains to Rafael. Rogelio announces that he is getting married, and it is really funny when he mentions that there would be no reason for her to keep her last name, considering the male feminist role he is playing. Jane tells Jonathan that she is a virgin, and they decide not to have sex.

Luisa goes to Rafael to make amends again, and he tells her to leave. Jane talks to Petra, who tells Jane that they kissed. Jane talks to Rafael, and he says that he still loves her. It is a great scene. Jane throws a baby shower for Petra, who doesn't show up. Jane talks to Petra, and they sort of agree to disagree. Jane's toast is really funny. Michael gets a call that Luisa got into a car crash.

Jane gets texts from Jonathan, and they end up sexting. Jane drives over to Jonathan's not wearing pants, and she ends up driving too fast and gets pulled over. It is really funny. The police officer reminds her of Michael, and Michael in her mind warns her not to have sex. She ends up crying when she and Jonathan start kissing, and it is really funny. Rogelio is really funny on set of his show. Luisa wakes up in the hospital, and Rose is there, with her face unchanged. It turns out that this, however, is all a trick, and the accident wasn't real. Rose has someone the detective cares about hostage, so she gives Rose her gun. Rose, however, ends up getting killed.

Rose was strangled, and they believe that it must have been Muter. Jane finishes watching an episode with Alba, and Alba reveals that she had sex before Jane's grandfather, and that she regretted it. Alba says that she won't judge Jane for having sex, but that Jonathan isn't the right man to do it with. Xo tells Rogelio that she for sure doesn't want any more kids, and that Rogelio should be able to have the kids that he wants to have. Later, Rogelio watches the tapes, where he also says that his true love is Xo. On the tape, as he walks away, he talks about someone who is in jail for ten years, and this was ten years earlier. Michael shows up at Jane's and asks if she still loves him. She says yes, as I scream in my head "no!"

I thought that this episode had a lot of scenes that involved too much just talking and weren't very interesting. Still, it was a pretty good episode.

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