The 100 S3E3 Review

The last two weeks, The 100 aired its two-part premiere. (Spoilers from "Wanheda" Parts One and Two ahead in this introduction.) The second part ended with a character we got to know in season 2, Lexa. How will the storyline with Clarke and Lexa go?

S3E3 "Ye Who Enter Here"

The episode began at the same location that the last episode ended at, but a week later. Lexa tells Clarke that the Sky People will be showing up later, and she will be returned to her people. An intense conversation occurs between Clarke and Lexa, and it is great. Clarke says that she will never bow to Lexa. Later, someone from the Ice Nation refuses to bow to Lexa, but Lexa says this is alright. However, she ends up kicking him out of the building, where he falls a long way to the ground, because he is questioning her positions. Kane is angry about Abby's Mount Weather decision. Octavia, in the next scene, is also angry about the decision. Roan talks to Clarke, revealing that he wants to kill Lexa, and that only she can do it. Killing Lexa would put the Ice Queen in power, which Roan tells Clarke is better for her people. Bellamy exits Mount Weather and finds Octavia sitting above the door. This made me realize how long it has been since Bellamy and Octavia have really shared a moment, and it was great. The idiot new Sky People bring a grounder that Bellamy knows, and he talks to her. She reveals that the summit is a trap, there is an assassin there.

The new Sky People want to launch missiles from Mount Weather. This sounds like a bad idea to me. Kane, Abby, and the others arrive at the location for the summit. Kane communicates with one woman selling things, and Abby realizes that Kane should be chancellor. He doesn't want to become chancellor at the time, so they decide to hold an election later. Lexa is training a young boy, who is really good. Lexa believes that the other clans will accept the Sky People when Clarke bows before her. She is encouraged, however, to kill Clarke.

Raven tries to crack the codes, but she is having trouble. Bellamy, Octavia, the grounder-ist, and the grounder arrive, looking for a guard. Lexa meets with Clarke, and she puts a knife to her throat, but she can't kill her. Lexa frees Clarke. It is a great scene. Clarke says that she has a better idea.

Abby and Kane are waiting for Lexa. Clarke shows up, and tells them the Ice Nation wants to take over, and the right thing to do is to be the 13th clan. Clarke references Unity Day, saying that they can be the 13th station or the 13th clan. Abby asks what will stop the Ice Nation, Clarke says "Wanheda." The summit begins as Octavia, Bellamy, and the other two arrive. Clarke bows to Lexa, and everyone else in the room follows suit. Bellamy kills the two guards so they can get to the elevator shaft. Lexa announces that they will add Sky Crew to their coalition, so the leader must bear their mark. Abby tells Kane that the honor should be his. Bellamy, Octavia, and Pike (the grounder-ist) burst in to the room with guns. The grounder that came with them, however isn't there. The assassin isn't at the summit, he's at Mount Weather.

Raven gives up, and Sinclair tells Raven that she should let Abby help her. It is a great scene for one of the show's best actors, if not their best, Lindsey Morgan. Then, the assassin attacks the girl working with Raven and Sinclair and sets up a self-destruct sequence. The assassin also almost kills Sinclair, but Raven saves him. The other girl has died, so she can't enter the code. Raven wants to go back in to save everyone, but it is too late. This is a really tragic scene. This section of the episode is by far the best so far.

Raven informs Bellamy of what happened over walkie-talkie. The representative from the Ice Nation says that they did what Lexa was too weak to do, so Lexa orders the arrest of the Ice Nation delegation. It is a really powerful scene. Bellamy asks Clarke to come home to her people, but Clarke insists that she will stay. Bellamy's emotion here is great. After everyone else leaves, Lexa bows to Clarke. I believe that, with this episode, she has redeemed herself from the horrible act she committed in the first part of the season two finale. The grounder who had come to Bellamy meets with the Ice Queen and says "you got your war." What an interesting note to leave the episode on!

This is one of the best episodes of The 100. While it was a little bit slow at the beginning, the second half of the episode was amazing, and I really enjoyed the connections to earlier in the series, particularly season one.

What did you think of "Ye Who Enter Here"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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