Life in Pieces S1E17 Review

This week, John dyes his hair, Sophia has a piano recital, Jen and Greg take Lark to a birthday party, and Matt meets Colleen's mom.

S1E17 "Hair Rectal Rainbow Mom"

In the first story, John is struggling with getting older. So, he styles his hair differently. Everyone's reactions are hilarious. Matt and John end up dressing alike, and it is really funny. The hair dye ends up getting on a lot of things, and it is pretty funny. Joan ends up getting confused for John's mother, which is really funny. This was a hilarious story.

In the second story, Sophia won't practice for her piano recital. Heather is concerned, mostly because she is worried of getting criticized. Heather talks to Sophia, and Sophia reassures her. The family all goes to the recital, and there is a hilarious conversation about how terrible Heather's recital was as a kid. A kid plays, and he is really good. Heather freaks out, but cannot keep Sophia from going on stage. Sophia starts playing, and she is terrible. The other family members all come up with things to say to Heather, and it is really funny when Jen's things get stolen. The kid that goes after Sophia embarrasses himself, and this is why she was happy with her performance, which is pretty funny.

In the third story, Jen and Greg take Lark to her first kids party. The woman they talk to is really funny. Jen is obsessed with making sure that Lark can get into a good preschool. Greg talks to some annoying moms, and he comes up with a fake preschool called Invisible Rainbows, which is really funny. They talk to the woman from the preschool, and they end up deciding on the preschool down the street.

In the forth story, Matt meets Colleen's mother, who is really strange, which is really funny. She is a hilarious character, and she tells some great stories. Later, Colleen's mom tells Colleen that she always dates some version of her father. Matt tells Greg that he wants Colleen to move in with him. Matt and Colleen talk. He says they should move in together, and she says they should break up. The episode ends with them breaking up, which is a surprising and sad ending.

The first story was great, the second was really good, the third was really good, and the forth was great. Overall, it was a great episode.

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