Brooklyn Nine-Nine S3E16 Review

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This week, Scully and Hitchcock work a case, the girls face their fears, and Holt meets a celebrity he is a huge fan of.

S3E16 "House Mouses"

At the start of the episode, the squad digs in to a gift basket that they end up realizing is for Holt. So, they put office supplies in it instead, and when he discovers it, he says that his husband really knows him, which is hilarious. Jake wants a case that has to do with a celebrity, and he tries to get his case given to Hitchcock and Scully. Amy tries to get Rosa to sign up for a blood drive, and discovers that Rosa has a fear of needles. Her reaction to this is hilarious. She convinces Rosa and Gina to all face one of their fears. Jake convinces Hitchcock and Scully to take his case, which is really funny. Holt reveals to Charles who the celebrity, an oboist that he is a huge fan of. This is a really funny scene, and he agrees to join Charles on the case. Terry discovers that the drug case that Jake had was actually a huge case.

Jake and Terry have to find Hitchcock and Scully. Jake analyzes one of their chairs, which is hilarious. They find Scully, and he reveals a terrible plan, which is really funny. Holt and Charles arrive at the oboist's house, and it is a hilarious scene. Seriously, this might be one of the funniest scenes in this episodes ever. Gina and Rosa put Amy in a trunk for half an hour, and this is really funny. Hitchcock gets kidnapped, and Scully's reaction seeing this is funny.

Holt shows Charles a gift from the oboist, and it is hilarious. Charles then arrests the oboists, because the robbery was staged. Jake, Scully, and Terry execute their plan, and they find Hitchcock. Gina faces her fear of businessmen, which is a hilarious fear. This is a really funny scene. Hitchcock starts to get beaten up, so the others intervene, but this does not go well. Jake comes up with a plan. Holt talks to Charles, and he decides to apologize to Charles by having classical musicians perform for him, but they discover the musicians stealing food, which is really funny. Jake's plan works. Rosa is hilarious when she gets her blood taken. Hitchcock and Scully get new, nice desk chairs, which is hilarious. The episode ends on a great, funny note.

This was the best episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine this season. It was a great episode.

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