ABC Renew/Cancel Watch: New President, (Slightly) New Predictions

Why is Nashville Likely to be Canceled and American Crime Likely to be Renewed?
After Paul Lee resigned today, it's been reported that ABC wants to go more in the direction of procedural dramas rather than serialized ones. This can't be good news for a low-rated serialized drama like Nashville. At this point tour sales and low production costs may help, but its prospects have become dimmer in the past few hours. I'm willing to move it back up if it improves upon its return--unless, of course, it's been announced as a final season prior to that.

American Crime, meanwhile, is likely to be renewed for now. The critically acclaimed show has received a decent amount of hype, and the new ABC president supposedly was instrumental in getting the show on the air, and I think we may have found ourselves the next "pet project" show.

So, that was a short little update. What do you think? Could I change the predictions yet again? Leave your thoughts below!

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