Life in Pieces S1E18 Review

Last week, Colleen broke up with Matt. How do things continue for them this week?

S1E18 "Sexting Mall Lemonade Heartbreak"

In the first story, Heather tries to send a dirty text to Tim, but she accidentally sends it to Tyler. Everyone's reactions to the text when they see it is hilarious. Heather prepares to talk to Tyler, but she decides to avoid him instead, which is funny. Tim goes downstairs to get water, and he talks to Tyler, and he tells him that he can now get away with whatever he wants, which is pretty funny. He decides to go to Tijuana, but when Heather finds out, she stops him.

In the second story, Jen and Greg run into Sam and her friend at the mall, where they are spying on her boyfriend. They pretend to work in the store to find out things about him, and it is hilarious. The story just gets funnier from there, and Jen has the best lines. They convince Sam to talk to her boyfriend, but he then says that she is suffocating him and breaks up with her.

In the third story, Sophia is embarrassed of John watching her as she rides a horse, so he wanders into the barn and meets a miniature horse that he falls in love with. He brings the horse home, but Joan hates it, and it is really funny and cute. John eventually brings the horse to stay in Matt's room. Joan eventually convinces John to return the horse, and she gets him a small dog. The dog growls when she leans in to kiss him, which is really funny.

In the fourth story, Jen and Heather are talking about Matt's breakup. They decide to have a girls' night with Colleen to show her that they are still friends. However, they discover that Colleen broke up with Matt, unlike they thought. Matt shows up as Heather and Jen are trying to get Colleen to leave, knowing that he is coming. Also, there are some hilarious moments with the dancer that they hired.

The first story was really good, the second story was great, the third story was great, and the fourth story was pretty good. Overall, it was a really good episode.

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