How to Get Away with Murder S2E11 Review

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After some strange events in last week's return, what happens this week on How to Get Away with Murder?

S2E11 "She Hates Us"

The episode starts ten years earlier. Annalise is pregnant at this time, and Bonnie is one of the students working for her. I'm really liking this interesting backstory. Back in the present, both Annalise and Wes have gone to the doctor. Wes, in his appointment, tries to get sleeping pills, and he makes a comment about killing himself, so he isn't allowed to leave. Annalise is now allowed to go back to work, and in court, a woman who says that Annalise's client killed her son offers to give her client a shorter sentence, but Annalise is suspicious of this.

In the past again, Frank is hitting on one of the students. When Annalise talks to him, there is a hilarious line about thinking with his big head and not his little one. In the present, Laurel goes to help Wes, as the rest work on the case. Laurel tries to get Wes out, and it gets intense between her and the doctor. Laurel goes to talk to Annalise, and Annalise fires her. Things also get intense between Caleb and Michaela, after he goes to Annalise for help finding Phillip.

Back in the past, Annalise is in pain because of the baby, and Bonnie helps her. In the present, Annalise gets mad at the students for working at her house. Asher listens as Connor, Oliver, and Michaela talk about him, which could have some interesting results. Wes talks to the doctor, who concludes that Annalise getting shot has to do with Wes's inability to sleep. Annalise makes a discovery in the case, and it looks like they are taking the deal. Once again in the past, Annalise talks to Sam. Back in the present, the mother talks to Annalise in the bathroom. Back in the room, the client admits that the murder was intentional, and that he sent the text. Now, the other attorney is going to aim for the death penalty. Frank tries talking to Nate, but it doesn't go well. The mother still wants a shorter sentence for the client, and she gets angry with Annalise.

In the past, Annalise has an ultrasound, and she is told that an hour and a half flight should be fine. In the present again, Michaela snaps at Annalise, and Laurel joins in, revealing that Wes is in the psych ward, which makes everyone angry at Annalise. It is really intense. All four of them leave her. In court, Annalise fights for what the mother wants, saying that she can end the cycle. The other attorney asks for life in prison instead of the death penalty, and the client agrees, despite Annalise and the mother wanting to fight for fifteen years. Wes eventually tells the doctor about his mother's death, and the doctor says that Annalise getting shot triggered these thoughts. It is a great scene.

In the past one more time, Annalise has gone to Cleveland, and talks to Wes's mother. She says that she can help her, and that she won't let her or her son get hurt. The students go to get Wes out of the psych ward, but is he already being released. In the car, Asher thinks that they should all be honest with each other. It is a good scene. Frank and Laurel talk, and she says that he isn't her boyfriend because they lie to each other all the time. Laurel tells Frank that Wes shot Annalise, and as she is about to leave, he tells her that he killed Lila. Wes discovers a package that Annalise left for him, which includes the article that Annalise shows his mom. Connor calls Annalise when he gets an email that has a video of the night that Annalise was shot, which is an intense ending.

The scenes in the past were interesting, although it felt like one or two of them were there only because that was the way they wanted to open each act. The case of the week resulted in some great moments, and the ending was interesting. Overall, it was a really good episode.

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