The Bullpen Season 1 Episode 6–Starter #1: 2nd Start (Season Finale)

The Bullpen Season 1 Episode 6–Starter #1: 2nd Start (Season Finale)
Kurt: long-term reliever 
Lorenzo: middle relief pitcher
Jason: left-handed specialist
Robert: 8th inning pitcher/setup man
Bryan: closer
Eli: various relief positions
Garry: Bullpen coach

*bullpen phone rings*
Team Manager: Alright, that’s the 2nd time I’ve called the bullpen with no answer. Down 3-0 in the first inning, we might be using them today. If only they answered the phone.
*cut to Robert in his home*
Robert: *on the phone* Hey Jason, so apparently the game started 15 minutes ago, I thought it was supposed to start at 8?
Jason: What game?
Robert: The team we technically play on has a game tonight.
Jason: They won’t need us anyways. I’ll leave in a few minutes.
Robert: It’s the first inning and they’re down 3-0. Start heading over when you can, I’ll call the rest.
*all arrive to the bullpen slightly disheveled around the same time*
Garry: Nobody told me the game was at 7. Why do people never tell me things, I am the bullpen coach after all.
Kurt: Think you just answered your own question.
*phone rings*
Eli: We should pick that up, we’re down 4-0 now. They’re actually calling us to have someone warm up! 
Garry: Let it ring.
Bryan: Don’t you want us to go in the game?
Garry: No, and I’m sure you all don’t either.
Bryan: How bad could it be? Let’s get through this one game and then we’ll be free for another month. 
Lorenzo: It was due to happen. I just hope they don’t call me of all people to warm up.
*phone rings again*
Jason: For the love of God Garry can you pick that up?
Garry: If you all insist. *listens on the phone*. Lorenzo time to warm up.
Lorenzo: *softly* Why is it always me? Jason, you wanted to pick it up so badly, I say you be my catcher.
Jason: Just don’t throw too fast, you know I don’t know how to catch.
*Lorenzo throws the first warm-up pitch and it goes into the outfield.*
Lorenzo: Hey! Fred, can we have our ball back?
Fred: Here you go teammate. 
Lorenzo: Thanks so much. *hit goes right to where the center fielder was originally, leading to a run scored*
Kurt: Nice going Lorenzo, you gave up a run.
Garry: Lorenzo the dugout called, you’re in the game now.
Kurt: Wait they’re just skipping over me? I’m the long-term reliever!
Garry: They’re punishing Lorenzo. *to Lorenzo* tell you what, when you come back I’ll get you as many chicken wings as you get outs.
Lorenzo: I’m ready to pitch, coach! *pitches and comes back to the dugout for his one chicken wing*
Jason: *on his cell phone* Hey mom! I’m about to be on TV! Can you believe it? *to his teammates* anyone know what channel we’re on? *goes to pitch, comes back to the bullpen to a celebration*
Garry: Eli, dugout called, your turn. 
Eli: I’m ready Garry. My fantasy team needs me. *pitches and comes back to a celebration*
Garry: Alright Kurt, we’re gonna need you for a couple innings now, you ready?
Kurt: No.
Garry: Have fun on the mound. *pitches and comes back to a celebration*
Garry: 8th inning Robert, it’s all you now!
Robert: Really? You trust me? Thank you!
Garry: Never said I trusted you, just relaying the message from the dugout. *Robert goes in to pitch, comes back to a bullpen celebration.*
Bryan: You know what? I feel ready. I don’t think I can mess this up.
Garry: That’s the spirit Bryan, go out there and close out the game. 
Bryan: I sense 3 strikeouts in a row coming! *pitches and comes back to a bullpen celebration*
Robert: We did it everyone! We got through the game! 
Jason: Let me just say I’m so proud of all of us, we really came together as a team to do what we do best.
Kurt: Finally, our time to be watched while we’re actually on the field.
Lorenzo: And not chasing after cotton candy either! *pauses* That reminds me I never got cotton candy today.
Garry: I knew my bullpen could get through the game. We learned a lot today. We showed great teamwork and came together even though we were all scared to go into the game at first.
Bryan: And I didn’t lose the game for us! No blown save for this guy!
Garry: You should all be very proud of yourselves. As they say, it doesn’t matter what the final score is, what matters is that you had fun. You win some you lose some. *cut to the scoreboard showing a 22-1 loss*

The Bullpen Season 1 Episode 5–Starter #5

The Bullpen Season 1 Episode 5–Starter #5
Kurt: long-term reliever 
Lorenzo: middle relief pitcher
Jason: left-handed specialist
Robert: 8th inning pitcher/setup man
Bryan: closer
Eli: various relief positions
Garry: Bullpen coach

*First pitch is thrown*
Garry: And Casual Friday is officially underway!
Kurt: Always wanted to wear a Hawaiian shirt to a baseball game.
Bryan: And I feel great now that I can wear shorts.
Eli: I thought we all agreed on togas but I guess not.
Robert: Nobody told me it was Casual Friday. 
Garry: It’s Casual Friday like every Friday.
Robert: Nobody told me it was Friday.
Jason: Lorenzo and I are still showing team pride on Casual Friday.
Garry: Those are jerseys from our opposing team, Jason.
Jason: I said, team pride.
Lorenzo: Not my fault I haven’t been traded to my favorite team.
Eli: If that favorite team of yours scores too many runs they might make you come into the game.
Lorenzo: The baseball game?
Eli: Yeah...
Lorenzo: Anyone have an extra shirt?
Eli: Ask the guys on your favorite team. Might as well take advantage of having another bullpen right next to us in this game.
Lorenzo: Hey you guys have an extra shirt?
Jason: Make that two!
Opposing Team Bullpen Member: Yeah I got one of my jerseys
Jason:  Actually we’re not supposed to wear your jerseys, even though you’re our favorite team.
Opposing Team Bullpen Member: Wait is it Casual Friday? *yells to his bullpen* Hey Ron, it’s Casual Friday! *to Jason* how about we come over to your place?
Jason: Well we might need this space to warm up later in the game.
Opposing Team Bullpen Member: You guys haven’t pitched in about a month, why start now? *yelling to his bullpen* Party at the other team’s bullpen!
*opposing team hops over the fence to the other bullpen*
Garry: Sorry we have a strict no people from the other team policy.
Opposing Team Bullpen Member: No you don’t. Let me introduce myself, I’m Simon.
Garry: Nice to meet you Simon...I guess. Look, what’s your plan?
Simon: To celebrate Casual Friday! Also, I’m kind of sick of warming up every game and you guys don’t seem to do anything around here so it’s the perfect place.
Jason: We do stuff.
Simon: Like what?
Jason: Baseball stuff.
Opposing Team Bullpen Member #2: And I’m Ron. I pitch too much. Trying to get away from it all.
Garry: *tries to hold back a laugh* Well you’re not going to find any fun here. 
*Bullpen laughs*
Simon: We know all about your recent activities. You do nothing.
Ron: And Bryan, I apologize for me trying to get out of today’s game, I know your fantasy team is relying on me as your closer.
Eli: Bryan you don’t have yourself on your fantasy team?
Bryan: Ron is a better closer than me, pretty much everyone who follows baseball knows that.
Lorenzo: You’re the best closer on the team.
Bryan: Am I? Right now we have five closers, and every day they’re the same guys who started the game. I’m #6 at best.
Simon: So back to Casual Friday...
Garry: Terrible idea apparently. No more Casual Fridays going forward everyone.
Simon: I got music if we want to turn Casual Friday in party night! *blasts music*
Ron: Lower that! Our team is batting and it’s probably distracting them.
Simon: We’re gonna lose no matter what, might as well have fun as we all watch.
Lorenzo: Actually, we don’t really watch the game here.
Bryan: Well we watch Go Fish, Battleship, and Rock Paper Scissors. 
Jason: Those don’t count Bryan.
Bryan: Just trying to boost our credit a little.
Robert: Hey can you turn your music down! It’s hard to hear my music over yours.
Garry: Also, trying to take my nap.
Opposing Team Bullpen Coach: Ron and Simon, what are you guys doing?
Ron: Hanging out with the fun team, what are you doing? 
Opposing Team Bullpen Coach: We need a pitcher in soon and I really don’t care at all about who it is so I want as many people warming up at once as possible. *looks at Garry* That their coach?
Simon: Yeah, he’s trying to take a nap though, you don’t want to anger him.
Opposing Team Bullpen Coach: *looks at Eli* Hey you over there!
Eli: Yes sir?
Opposing Team Bullpen Coach: My guys are gonna start using your bullpen to warm up. Just wanted to give you a quick heads up. 
Eli: That’s our bullpen though.
Opposing Team Bullpen Coach: Somebody has to use it. *Simon and Ron get ready to pitch*
Simon: Ron and I are gonna need some guys ready to catch...
Jason: On it.
Robert: I’ll get Ron, you get Simon.
*Pitchers start warming up. Big screen zooms in on the bullpen.*
Garry: Why are the people booing again? Can I not just take my nap?
Kurt: Jason and Lorenzo are helping two guys from the opposing team warm up. 
Garry: Really guys? 
Kurt: We’re pretty much the most famous part of this entire team and we don’t even step foot on the field. What’s the matter with us?

Lorenzo: If you ask me, that’s success. The media loves us for this.

The Bullpen Season 1 Episode 4–Starter #4

The Bullpen Season 1 Episode 4–Starter #4
Kurt: long-term reliever 
Lorenzo: middle relief pitcher
Jason: left-handed specialist
Robert: 8th inning pitcher/setup man
Bryan: closer
Eli: various relief positions
Garry: Bullpen coach

Kurt: So what’s everyone thinking for dinner after the game?
Jason: There’s a new restaurant a few miles away that sounds good, they have a big menu of Italian food. But no cotton candy, Lorenzo.
Kurt: Should we call to make a reservation?
Robert: If I wanted Italian food I’d go to Italian, let’s do the burger bar down the street.
Bryan: I’ll eat anywhere as long as they have a sushi bar and a hibachi option. Also Robert, it’s Italy.
Eli: Bryan that’s called an Asian restaurant and we just did that a few nights ago. I say we skip dinner and go straight for dessert.
Lorenzo: What he said.
Kurt: Garry what do you want?
Garry: Yeah sure.
Kurt: Jason?
Jason: What?
Kurt: Alright they’re not listening. Let’s just call a bunch of places and see when they can take reservations.
*all play rock-paper-scissors for the order of calling*
Kurt: Alright, so Asian, Italian, dessert only, burgers is the order.
*all at the same time*
Bryan: *calling Asian restaurant* Hi are you taking reservations later tonight?...7 people...No, alright thanks anyway.
Kurt: *calling Italian restaurant* Hello, do you—-and they hung up on me, great.
Lorenzo: *calling dessert-only place* Hi I’d like to make a reservation for 7 people tonight...yes this is the cotton candy bullpen reservations? Sure I believe you.
Robert: *calling burger bar* Hi do you take reservations?...You’re booked? Alright I’ll try again another time.
Jason: Nobody taking reservations? 
Kurt: Yeah I guess so, too bad.
Jason: I say we go now.
Eli: But we’re in the middle of a baseball game right now.
Jason: That’s not true. People who happen to wear jerseys with identical front sides as us are playing a baseball game right now. Not us.
Lorenzo: Shotgun!
Garry: So where are we going?
Jason: Why not all of them? It’s the 2nd inning now, so if we eat quickly we can get back here in a couple hours by the 8th inning.
Garry: Where first?
Jason: Only one way to figure it out.
*all play rock-paper-scissors again*
Jason: Alright so naturally we ended up going with dessert first.
*all head to dessert place*
Waiter: What can I get you guys?
Garry: 6 brownie sundaes and a fruit cup for the guy over there *points to Lorenzo*
Lorenzo: Don’t listen to him, make it 7.
*Waiter comes back with 7 fruit cups*
Lorenzo: I meant 7 brownie sundaes.
Waiter: Yeah well that’s what you’re getting. We have a policy of one dessert per person.
Kurt: This isn’t even a dessert, it’s fruit!
Waiter: Not my rule, or my problem.
Robert: Listen, we’re supposed to be at a baseball game right now waiting in the bullpen, how about you get us some brownie sundaes really quickly and we’ll match the overall price for your tip.
Waiter: On it. *walks away*
Bryan: *after a pause* So who do you all think our best player is who isn’t a starting pitcher?
Garry: I’d say the guy with the most home runs.
Kurt: Nah, the guy with the most hits is better.
Eli: I’ll go with the guy who catches the most balls.
Bryan: Do these people have any names?
Garry: How should I know who has the most home runs?
Kurt: He has a name, why, you don’t know it?
Eli: You’s on the tip of my tongue...
Robert: Bryan you know none of us watch the games that closely. Who do you think the best player is?
Bryan: No clue, I’ll try to get some scoop on who has the highest batting average.
Waiter: *comes back an hour later* Here you go, 17 brownie sundaes
Garry: It was 7. SEVEN!
Waiter: It’s 17 now. Also I have your bill for you. $228.
Garry: You’ve gotta be kidding me.
Waiter: Oh actually yeah you’re right! My bad, forgot your senior discount...$226 now. So $452 overall counting my tip.
Garry: *reluctantly signs bill*
Kurt: Guys...the game’s been going by pretty quickly. We should head to the other three restaurants before it’s too late.
Garry: You know actually can we take these to go?
Waiter: Nope.
Garry: Great.
Kurt: Guys seriously, top of the 7th is almost here.
Garry: Alright everyone, let’s leave. *to the waiter* We’ll keep this encounter in mind. *all begin to exit the restaurant and see a line of cars stopped right outside the parking lot*
Kurt: Well this is just perfect.
*Sit in traffic for an hour and a half*
*return to bullpen to find almost no one in the stadium*
Jason: Behind you.
Bryan: What?
Jason: Check out the big screen. We’re celebrities again.
*all see the big screen focused on the bullpen, followed by a recap of bullpen action throughout the game*
Robert: I take it the game ended.
New Anonymous Fan: Yes it did. Nice job guys.
Bryan: So...about my hibachi suggestion...

Jason: You know what, why not try? Celebrate our 24th win of not going into the game.

The Bullpen Season 1 Episode 3–Starter #3

The Bullpen Season 1 Episode 3–Starter #3
Kurt: long-term reliever 
Lorenzo: middle relief pitcher
Jason: left-handed specialist
Robert: 8th inning pitcher/setup man
Bryan: closer
Eli: various relief positions
Garry: Bullpen coach

Jason: Nice day for the beach.
Robert: Once we make it through the next eight innings, we’re free to do whatever we want. Until then, time to just sit on this hard bench.
Bryan: But what if we don’t have to?
Robert: Why you’d rather be put in the game?
Bryan: No. But I might have some stuff in my car. *leaves*
Eli: Think he’s leaving?
Garry: He’ll be back. Not like he’ll need to be though.
Eli: Yeah but he really wanted to go to that hibachi restaurant last game and we never got there. 
Garry: True. Eh, we don’t need a closer anyways.
Bryan: *returns with two towels*
Robert: Um...
Bryan: They’re beach towels. Put them on the dirt, lie down, and pretend you’re at the beach. 
Jason: I call the red towel.
Bryan: We can take turns. Let’s make an inning-by-inning schedule.
Eli: You’re gonna let this happen Garry?
Garry: It’s not ideal. But I can’t stop everybody from having their turn. *Eli shakes head*. My only rule is that we have to be facing the field. 
Eli: But the big screen...
Garry: It’s focused on us at one point or another every game. Let the crowd have what the crowd wants. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m gonna head to the beach. *lies down on the red towel*
Jason: Hey! I called that towel!
Garry: You also called “I got it” when the ball was popped up to you the last game you pitched. Doesn’t mean you did catch it.
Jason: Everyone gives up a double with a run scored occasionally, it happens.
Bryan: Schedule is complete. Kurt, you get the 4th through 6th innings. Lorenzo, you take the 7th inning. 8th goes to Robert and 9th goes to me. Jason and Eli can take a turn for a few seconds if somebody gets up from their towel.
Garry: So basically you have everyone in the positions they’re supposed to play on the field.
Bryan: Possibly. *Turns to see Jason and Eli on the towels.* OK that was a waste of my time.
Jason: I’m the one who came up with this beach idea. I’m on this towel for the rest of this game.
Garry: *at the bullpen phone* Hey coach called, Jason he wants you warming up. Left-handed batter coming up.
Jason: *gets up to warm up as Garry steals his towel* So when am I going into the game?
Garry: *laughing* You fell for it! Keep warming up for all I care, I’m at the beach right now.
Jason: *softly* Why is it always me?
Kurt: Don’t worry about it Jason, I might get tired of lying down by the end of my third inning with the towel, you can take a batter down the line if you’d like.
Jason: Really can’t tell if this is sincere or if you’re making fun of me right now.
Kurt: Sincere, but if you want me to make fun of you I’m more than happy to.
Jason: That’s alright.
Lorenzo: Hey Eli, how’s the beach?
Eli: Pretty nice actually, I think I’m going to go in the water now.
Lorenzo: Huh?
Lorenzo: Yeah but how?
Eli: With my water bottle. Not like I’ll need this thing. *gets up to pour water from his water bottle on his head*. Ahhh, that feels good...Lorenzo why are you on my towel?
Lorenzo: Sorry man, I couldn’t wait any longer.
Eli: *takes towel from Lorenzo and uses it to dry off* Here you go.
Lorenzo: Just what I wanted, a wet towel.
Bryan: OK this big thing doesn’t seem to be working out, how about we take a rain check on that one.
Robert: But it’s not raining...
Jason: Yeah and rain is like the ocean coming to you right on the beach.
Bryan: Guys, we’re not on the beach...Kurt why are you at the edge of the bullpen?
Kurt: There’s a ball headed our way, I want to catch it! I’ve always wanted to catch a home run in my glove! *reaches over to make the catch* GOT IT!
Right Fielder Teammate: *yelling at Kurt* You took the ball! I would’ve made that catch! 
Kurt: *yelling at right fielder teammate* No it was coming right at me and you know it.
Right Fielder Teammate: *yelling* It was right at the warning track! Why do you need another ball anyways, you all never warm up!
Jason: That’s not true I warmed up for a little bit today.
*Umpires on field huddle, then signal an interference that counts the hit as a home run. The big screen focuses on the bullpen and the crowd boos.*

Lorenzo: Sorry Eli, I know you valued that 0.00 earned-run-average.

The Bullpen Season 1 Episode 2–Starter #2

The Bullpen Season 1 Episode 2–Starter #2
Kurt: long-term reliever 
Lorenzo: middle relief pitcher
Jason: left-handed specialist
Robert: 8th inning pitcher/setup man
Bryan: closer
Eli: various relief positions
Garry: Bullpen coach

Robert: YES!
Kurt: You do realize our guys are at bat now right? That was out best hitter who just struck out.
Robert: Yeah I know, I got that pitcher on my fantasy team though and I really need a win.
Eli: You should trade for me, I’m on my own fantasy team and have a perfect 0.00 earned-run-average.
Robert: Yeah because you don’t pitch.
Eli: That’s not true, I came in for that one batter a couple months ago and got a guy out.
Bryan: Yeah, that was quite the catch made to rob a home run. 
Jason: To think, he was going to make that catch even if it meant breaking an arm.
Eli: Doesn’t change my 0.00 earned-run-average.
Garry: Alright guys look, we’re in a tough situation here. 
Lorenzo: *While finishing his 3rd cotton candy* They stopped selling cotton candy during the game? 
Garry: OK this isn’t as bad of a situation as your hypothetical one. But still, all of our fantasy teams have their needs. It would be best if our real team lost today, but it has to be a close game or else they might call us from the dugout to get people warming up.                 
Kurt: You think they’ll even let us back into the game after the dodgeball incident?
Garry: Kurt we went over this, we’re not going to talk about the incident anymore. It’s bad enough that they now make special announcements to the entire stadium that dodgeballs are no longer allowed in the stadium to a response of a standing ovation.
Bryan: Not an answer Garry.
Garry: Yes, I’m sure they’ll have you guys go in the game eventually.
*All look shocked/angry/mad*
Garry: *laughing* You should see the looks on your faces right now! The way our guys are pitching, you get paid to sit on a bench all season long.
Robert: NO!
Bryan: What’s wrong with that?
Robert: My fantasy team’s pitcher just gave up a single. Maybe if that shortstop learned how to bend down a little...Wait were you saying something about getting paid to sit on the bench? I’m fine with that.
Jason: Will you guys shut up I’m trying to watch the game.
Eli: You’re looking at your phone.
Jason: Watching the game, duh. It’s way better when you can listen to the announcers.
Garry: *sees Lorenzo’s hand raised* Yes Lorenzo.
Lorenzo: What?
Garry: I see you think we’re in grade school where we raise our hands every time we want to speak.
Lorenzo: Nah just trying to get the attention of the cotton candy man. They better still have some pink left.
Cotton Candy Man: Heard you talking, you said you want pink?
Lorenzo: Yes, thanks.
Cotton Candy Man: All I have left is blue.
Lorenzo: EXCUSE ME?!
Cotton Candy Man: Sorry, they might have some pink somewhere else but that’s all I got.
Lorenzo: WELL THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE! *crowd silences*. GO AND TELL THEM TO MAKE MORE PINK COTTON CANDY. *he is now displayed on the giant screen* AND IF THEY SAY NO, YOU CAN TELL THEM TO
Jason: Whoa! Chill out Lorenzo, it’s just cotton candy. Deep breaths.
Lorenzo: I’M GETTING PINK COTTON CANDY OR MY NAME ISN’T LORENZO *jumps out of the bullpen and runs across the field to the third base line*
Lorenzo: Hi sir, do you have any pink cotton candy left?
New Cotton Candy Man: Yeah $3.
Lorenzo: Oh I’m one of the players.
New Cotton Candy Man: That was your first time on the field in over a month on my watch.
Lorenzo: Fair enough. *hands him $3 then heads back to the bullpen when the inning is over*
Gerry: Lorenzo I would tell you you’re unofficially suspended but it’s not going to make a difference. 
Robert: Yeah at least this time the crowd laughed at you instead of booed.
Jason: *watching phone* COME ON HE WAS SAFE!
Kurt: They called him out about 20 seconds ago. Maybe try watching it in real time. Also our team just won the game with that out.

Robert: And my fantasy team will take another loss it seems.

The Bullpen Season 1 Episode 1–Starter #1

The Bullpen Season 1 Episode 1–Starter #1
Kurt: long-term reliever 
Lorenzo: middle relief pitcher
Jason: left-handed specialist
Robert: 8th inning pitcher/setup man
Bryan: closer
Eli: various relief positions
Garry: Bullpen coach

Kurt: Got any threes?
Bryan: Go fish.
Kurt: *pulls a three* Nice! I win again.
Bryan: Wanna go watch the real game now?
*Bryan and Kurt walk over to the other end of the bench, where Jason and Robert are playing Battleship.*
Robert: *looks up* Missed it guys, I just sunk Jason’s battleship. Mark that as my 100th win of the season!
Jason: *whispers under his breath* Cheater.
Bryan: Alright then what do we do now?
Garry: Maybe watch the actual baseball game like the tens of thousands of other people here? You all do remember where you are, right?
*Everyone looks at him for a few seconds, then breaks out into laughter, Garry included.*
Eli: I have an idea. Dodgeball.
Robert: I don’t know, what if one of us gets hurt?
Eli: Well our starters are so good that none of us have pitched in 22 games. 
Robert: True. *yells* Hey Lorenzo, did you bring your dodgeball today? And also why do you ever bring a dodgeball?
Lorenzo: Hold on. *quickly eats three chicken wings*. I knew you guys would get sick of Go Fish and Battleship eventually, why else would I bring a dodgeball? *Tosses the dodgeball toward Robert.*
Garry: I call making teams! 
Eli: Trying to feel your biweekly sense of entitlement? 
Garry: Well I have to manage something. Kurt Lorenzo Jason versus Robert Bryan Eli. Try not to throw the ball towards me, time for my 3rd inning nap.

*Bryan throws the ball toward Lorenzo and hears a scream.*
Anonymous Fan #1: Hey watch where you throw that ball, you just hit my child!
*Eli throws the ball toward Jason and hears a scream.*
Anonymous Fan #2: That hurt! Jerk. 
*Kurt throws the ball toward Robert and hears a scream.*
Anonymous Fan #3: That ball just spilled my beer all over my girlfriend! 
*The three fans start booing, which soon makes its way through the entire stadium. The bullpen pitchers wave awkwardly when they see themselves on the giant outfield screen behind them. The boo continues for minutes as the game continues.*
Lorenzo: All these people booing and none of them threw food at us. Unbelievable. *Walks back to the bench in angry disbelief.*
Garry: Nice going guys, we three runs scored and the fans still booed through the inning. There goes my 3rd inning nap.
Jason: Anyone down for a collective 4th inning nap?
Garry: Well someone should probably stay up and watch the game to see if someone will need to start warming up.
*Blank stares from the pitchers, then all laugh.*
*The 4th inning nap ends up lasting until the bottom of the ninth.*
Garry: Quickly, someone start warming up, we gotta make it look like we’re doing something over here.
Eli: Who?
Garry: Why should I care?
*Bryan, the closer, starts warming up. He looks up to the outfield and sees himself on the big screen.*
Anonymous Fan #4: Try to keep this one in the bullpen! *people around him laugh. For the rest of the inning, highlights from the bullpen’s big nap are shown.*

Announcer: And that does it for today’s game. Mark that 23 games in a row without a bullpen.