Historical Ratings Database

The Ratings Junkie Sunday, July 04, 1971
1965-66 Ratings History -- CBS Dominates the District With Sitcom Silliness

1966-67 Ratings History -- Early 50's Programming Bids Adieu, and ABC Sensations Cool to Blue

1970-71 Top 30 -- The Rural Purge Shoots Bullets and Hires Loggers Through the TV Landscape

1971-72 Ratings -- The Fallout of The Rural Purge

1972-73 Top 30 -- Unwarranted Religious Controversy Kills The 5th Place Ratings Winner

1973-74 Ratings History -- ABC Descends Upward Due To Popular Movie Nights; An End to the Lucille Ball Era

1974-75 Ratings History -- Gunsmoke Ends a 20-Year Run, An Unmatched Record for 35 years

1975-76 Top 30 TV Ratings -- 1,2,3... 1st Times Run Rampant as ABC Reaches 2nd and NBC Sinks to 3rd

1976-77 Top 30 Ratings -- New Record As ABC Jiggles Into 1st, CBS Returns to 2nd After Ruling 21 Undisturbed Years

1977-78 Ratings History -- ABC Does Its Second Jiggle Into 1st Place Thanks to a Controversial Soap

1978-79 Top 30 Ratings -- ABC Enjoys a Hattrick in 1st Place

1979-80 Top 30 Ratings -- CBS Reclaims 1st After 3-Season Absence

1980-81 Top 30 Ratings -- CBS Rules the Top, ABC Comes In Second, NBC in Another Lost Year

1981-82 Top 30 Ratings -- Primetime is Awash in a Bubble Bath as Nighttime Soaps Become the Rage

1982-83 Top 30 Ratings -- Soap Bubbles Rise, Several Veterans Part

1983-84 Top 30 Ratings -- Despite Softer Ratings, Nothing Cancelled at the Top

1983-84 Ratings History -- The Networks Are Awash in a Bubble Bath of Soaps

1984-85 -- NBC Breaks its 8-Year Curse and Shoves Into 2nd Place as ABC and CBS Continue to Bank on Soap Prominence

1985-86 -- NBC Bubbles to New Heights Due to Sitcoms, ABC and CBS' Soap Bubbles Burst

1986-87 -- Overall Ratings Down With NBC Claiming a Large Victory

1987-88 -- Downward Trends. NBC Still 1st, ABC Rebounds to 2nd After 4-Year Drought, CBS Sees All-Time Low in 3rd Place. And FOX is a Joke

1988-89 -- The WGA Writer's Strike Changes The TV Landscape, NBC still rules

1990-91 Ratings History -- ABC Reclaims 1st Place After 11 Years, Sitcoms Still Dominate

1991-92 Ratings History -- Political Controversy Catapults CBS Back to 1st After 7-Year Absence, NBC Fortunes Plummet to 3rd

1993-94 Ratings History -- ABC Sitcoms Go For Gold, NBC Still Down

1994-95 -- ABC Again in 1st, NBC's Creative Renaissance Lands Then in 2nd, UPN and WB Debut in the Cellar

1997-98 Ratings History -- NBC In Front Again as Seinfeld Laughs and ER Drama Captivate

1998-99 -- A Narrow(er) Race for the Top 3 Ranks; Sitcoms Troubled, Duplicate News and Reality TV On the Rise

1999-2000 -- The Game(Show) Changes as 3rd Place ABC Overtakes NBC for 1st Place, CBS Returns to 3rd after 3 Seasons

2000-01 -- Survivor Catapults CBS Back Into 1st Place, ABC Trades the Gold for 3rd

2001-02 Ratings History -- Reality TV Rages On, NBC Reclaims 1st Place

2003-04 Ratings History -- New Records as FOX Outright Claims 3rd, ABC Becomes the Oldest Network to Fall to 4th Place

2004-05 Ratings History -- ABC Builds a Desperate Home in 2nd Place; NBC's Home Floods to 4th

2005-06 Ratings History -- UPN and WB Take a Bow After 12 Struggling Seasons

2007-08 Ratings History -- The WGA Strike Inflicts Permanent Damage on the Ratings Landscape; FOX is 1st

2014-15 Ratings History -- ABC Experiences a Creative Turnaround, Returns to 3rd Place

2015-16 Ratings History -- ABC's Brief Renaissance Implodes

2016-17 Ratings History -- NBC Makes a Glorious Rebound Thanks to This is Us; ABC Bleeds Without Sports