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The Ratings Junkie Sunday, July 04, 1971
1965-66 Ratings History -- CBS Dominates the District With Sitcom Silliness

1966-67 Ratings History -- Early 50's Programming Bids Adieu, and ABC Sensations Cool to Blue

1970-71 Top 30 -- The Rural Purge Shoots Bullets and Hires Loggers Through the TV Landscape

1971-72 Ratings -- The Fallout of The Rural Purge

1972-73 Top 30 -- Unwarranted Religious Controversy Kills The 5th Place Ratings Winner

1973-74 Ratings History -- ABC Descends Upward Due To Popular Movie Nights; An End to the Lucille Ball Era

1974-75 Ratings History -- Gunsmoke Ends a 20-Year Run, An Unmatched Record for 35 years

1975-76 Top 30 TV Ratings -- 1,2,3... 1st Times Run Rampant as ABC Reaches 2nd and NBC Sinks to 3rd

1976-77 Top 30 Ratings -- New Record As ABC Jiggles Into 1st, CBS Returns to 2nd After Ruling 21 Undisturbed Years

1977-78 Ratings History -- ABC Does Its Second Jiggle Into 1st Place Thanks to a Controversial Soap

1978-79 Top 30 Ratings -- ABC Enjoys a Hattrick in 1st Place

1979-80 Top 30 Ratings -- CBS Reclaims 1st After 3-Season Absence

1980-81 Top 30 Ratings -- CBS Rules the Top, ABC Comes In Second, NBC in Another Lost Year

1981-82 Top 30 Ratings -- Primetime is Awash in a Bubble Bath as Nighttime Soaps Become the Rage

1982-83 Top 30 Ratings -- Soap Bubbles Rise, Several Veterans Part

1983-84 Top 30 Ratings -- Despite Softer Ratings, Nothing Cancelled at the Top

1983-84 Ratings History -- The Networks Are Awash in a Bubble Bath of Soaps

1984-85 -- NBC Breaks its 8-Year Curse and Shoves Into 2nd Place as ABC and CBS Continue to Bank on Soap Prominence

1985-86 -- NBC Bubbles to New Heights Due to Sitcoms, ABC and CBS' Soap Bubbles Burst

1986-87 -- Overall Ratings Down With NBC Claiming a Large Victory

1987-88 -- Downward Trends. NBC Still 1st, ABC Rebounds to 2nd After 4-Year Drought, CBS Sees All-Time Low in 3rd Place. And FOX is a Joke

1988-89 -- The WGA Writer's Strike Changes The TV Landscape, NBC still rules

1990-91 Ratings History -- ABC Reclaims 1st Place After 11 Years, Sitcoms Still Dominate

1991-92 Ratings History -- Political Controversy Catapults CBS Back to 1st After 7-Year Absence, NBC Fortunes Plummet to 3rd

1993-94 Ratings History -- ABC Sitcoms Go For Gold, NBC Still Down

1994-95 -- ABC Again in 1st, NBC's Creative Renaissance Lands Then in 2nd, UPN and WB Debut in the Cellar

1997-98 Ratings History -- NBC In Front Again as Seinfeld Laughs and ER Drama Captivate

1998-99 -- A Narrow(er) Race for the Top 3 Ranks; Sitcoms Troubled, Duplicate News and Reality TV On the Rise

1999-2000 -- The Game(Show) Changes as 3rd Place ABC Overtakes NBC for 1st Place, CBS Returns to 3rd after 3 Seasons

2000-01 -- Survivor Catapults CBS Back Into 1st Place, ABC Trades the Gold for 3rd

2001-02 Ratings History -- Reality TV Rages On, NBC Reclaims 1st Place

2003-04 Ratings History -- New Records as FOX Outright Claims 3rd, ABC Becomes the Oldest Network to Fall to 4th Place

2004-05 Ratings History -- ABC Builds a Desperate Home in 2nd Place; NBC's Home Floods to 4th

2005-06 Ratings History -- UPN and WB Take a Bow After 12 Struggling Seasons

2007-08 Ratings History -- The WGA Strike Inflicts Permanent Damage on the Ratings Landscape; FOX is 1st

2014-15 Ratings History -- ABC Experiences a Creative Turnaround, Returns to 3rd Place

2015-16 Ratings History -- ABC's Brief Renaissance Implodes

2016-17 Ratings History -- NBC Makes a Glorious Rebound Thanks to This is Us; ABC Bleeds Without Sports

Sitcom Scorecard Database

The Ratings Junkie Sunday, July 04, 1971
Welcome to the Sitcom Scorecard atabase. By clicking on the titles below, you will be redirected to each individual page. Enjoy!

1965-66 Sitcom Scorecard -- Several Old Favorites Leave ABC and CBS

1966-67 Sitcom Scorecard -- Lucy and CBS Slapstick Rule The Ratings Charts

1973-74 Sitcom Scorecard -- The Brady Bunch and Partridge Family Foreclose in a Network Sitcom Purge

1974-75 Sitcom Scorecard -- A Lean Season With High Casualties and Poor Happy Days Ratings

1977-78 Sitcom Scorecard -- ABC Dethrones CBS As The Sitcom Champ, NBC Cancels All Sitcoms

1983-84 Sitcom Scorecard -- No More Happy Days for One Day at a Time as Three's Company Becomes a Crowd

1984-85 Sitcom Scorecard -- NBC Says No to Soaps as ABC and CBS Binge on Dynasty and Dallas Cocaine

1985-86 Sitcom Scorecard -- NBC Soars as Its Competition Plunges

1986-87 Sitcom Scorecard -- NBC Still Rules; CBS Sports Biggest Gains

1987-88 Sitcom Scorecard -- Unilateral Drops as ABC Rebounds, CBS Plunges and FOX Is a Joke

1988-89 Sitcom Scorecard -- WGA Strike Reduces Sitcom Quantity, NBC Leads, ABC and FOX 

1989-90 Sitcom Scorecard: Look Back on 55 Sitcoms

1990-91 Sitcom Scorecard -- TGIF Grows, Helping ABC Take On Aging NBC Comedies

1991-92 Sitcom Scorecard -- Mid-80's Sitcoms Meet Their Ends, Thursdays and Saturdays Weaken

1992-93 Sitcoms -- Ratings on The Technology Cusp

1993-94 Sitcom Scorecard -- ABC Claims 1st Place in Overall Ranks and Sitcoms, NBC Again in 3rd Place

1994-95 Sitcom Scorecard -- ABC Claims 1st Place a 3rd Year, The Biggest Laugh UPN and CW Deliver Is Their Ratings

1995-96 Sitcom Scorecard -- NBC Returns to 1st Place After 5-Year Absence

1996-97 Sitcom Scorecard -- Not Much Changed As NBC 1st, Ratings Down Across The Board

1997-98 Sitcom Scorecard -- NBC Rules Again, CBS Sitcoms Fall Below FOX's Few Entries

1998-99 Sitcom Scorecard -- Post-Seinfeld Sitcoms Fade; FOX, WB and UPN Now the Three 
Nielsen Laughing Stocks

1999-2000 Sitcom Scorecard -- The Scripted Purge Creates Harsh Realities for Sitcoms

2000-01 Sitcom Scorecard -- New Milestone as FOX is 3rd in Sitcoms for the First Time, New Low as ABC Comedies Sink to 4th

2001-02 Sitcom Scorecard -- NBC and CBS Rule The Pack, ABC Disintegrates

2002-03 Sitcom Scorecard -- Reality TV Continues to Cull The Sitcoms Into Remote Nielsen Ranges

2003-04 Sitcom Scorecard -- New Lows For ABC; Another Year in 1st for NBC as They Only Spare 2 Sitcom

2004-05 Sitcom Scorecard -- A Year of TV Changes Leaves CBS in Front, A Downward Trend For Sitcoms

2005-06 Sitcom Scorecard -- The Hills Run Red for Comedy As Reality TV and Network Closures Clean House

2006-07 Sitcom Scorecard -- Sitcoms Become An Endangered Species

2007-08 Sitcom Scorecard -- The Office Merges With Success as the WGA Strike Shutters Sitcom Opportunities

2010-11 Sitcom Scorecard -- CBS Champions Edgier Humor With Mike and Molly's Welcome Arrival

2011-12 Sitcom Scorecard -- 2 Broke Girls Offer a Modern Bang for Two and a Half Men

2012-13 Sitcom Scorecard -- Nerds Rule and Reality TV Drools

2013-14 Sitcom Scorecard -- Brooklyn 99 Kicks Off The Sitcom-Heavy Glass Schedule

2014-15 Sitcom Scorecard -- The Goldbergs and Mom Skate to Faster Ratings as Networks Treat Sitcoms as an In-Trend

2015-16 Sitcom Scorecard -- Are These The Last Sitcoms On Earth? Get Real O'Nielsen's!

2016-17 Sitcom Scorecard -- Sitcoms Are Still Viable After The Scripted Purge of the 2000's