FOX Renew/Cancel Watch: Bordertown and Cooper Barrett are Now Certain to be Cancelled

Why Are Bordertown and Cooper Barrett's Guide to Surviving Life Certain to be Cancelled?
I legitimately thought both, Bordertown more than Cooper Barrett, had a chance at renewal last time I did my FOX Renew/Cancel Watch column. But a 0.7? That's really bad, and I highly doubt FOX can justify renewing two comedies that go that low this early in their run given the time slots. On top of that, Bordertown is headed to 7pm soon. I still hold out hope that FOX will swap Cooper Barrett and the stronger Bob's Burgers.

Why Am I Watching Grandfathered?
In my eyes, Grandfathered really needs to improve to at least a 1.1-1.2 in order to get a renewal, given that it airs after New Girl and still gets somewhat underwhelming ratings. However, the downfall of Cooper Barrett and Bordertown may just work out in Grandfathered's favor, as is the fact that it's really doing on par with Brooklyn 9-9 now (though that's more bad for the latter than good for the former). I still think that FOX will do the normal and renew 6 comedies, but if The Last Man On Earth comes back and tanks, it may just be Grandfathered's lucky day.

Why is Bones Likely to be Cancelled?
It was recently announced that Bones will not return until April 14. It still has 12 episodes left to air, meaning that if they air it straight through, one hour a week, it still won't finish until June 30. This is about four weeks later than last season and six after the "official" season ends. Strangely enough it did just fine in the summer last season; however, given its age and contractual negotiations, not to mention the low ratings, I'm willing to bet that Bones is too expensive to continue. I thought about the scenario of giving it another season to air in the summer, but again I think it would be too expensive. It may make a good pairing with Wayward Pines in June if that's the route FOX takes, but I'm sticking with a likely cancellation prediction. As it is I'm already predicting more dramas to be renewed than they have in the decade so far.

Why Was Rosewood Downgraded to Likely to be Renewed?
I do think that right now Rosewood looks renewable, but the fact that Lucifer has been doing decently and that FOX hasn't renewed 5 dramas in a long time makes me a little bit more unsure of Rosewood. It could face the chopping block if Lucifer holds and FOX decides to replace American Idol with all reality, but I still think it gets renewed. Scream Queens taking up a renewal definitely makes it more complicated, but I think it's here to stay. I'm just not as sure of it right now as much as I was before Lucifer entered the scene.

What's Next?
With Gotham returning on February 29 (yes, that's a day this year!), I'll probably get a better sense at how Lucifer can perform. If it holds in the mid 1s, I'm willing to upgrade it to a certain renewal, and if it tanks, it's probably gone and Rosewood is safer than safe. A prediction down grade for Sleepy Hollow is also probable.

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