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At the start of this week's episode, everything is going great for the Heck kids, which means that things must go wrong.

S7E14 "Film, Friends, and Fruit Pies"

At the start of the episode, Axl is working at his internship, and his boss invites him to lunch. Brick has to work on a project for school where he makes a film. I loved his line about scouting locations in Sue's room. Sue is really getting along with her new roommate, but then she reveals that she bought a TV and expects Sue to pay $150 for her half of it. Brick directs his film, and he is hilarious as a director. Axl discovers that the company is not doing well, unlike what his boss said the previous day.

Sue's roommate keeps buying things for them and expecting her to pay for half of it. Brick continues to direct his film, and it is hilarious. Axl's boss won't stop talking to him, which is pretty funny. Axl's response to this when he gets home is hilarious. Sue comes home and talks about his roommate. Mike has a hilarious line about friend-ing up. Frankie tells Sue to talk to her roommate, and if she likes Sue she'll understand.

Frankie discovers where the piece she found earlier goes, but Mike threw it out, so she demands chocolate for Valentine's. Brick has lost his actors, so he gets Frankie and Mike to act. Mike quits, so he gets Brad to play the role, which is really funny. Sue tells her roommate that she is poor, and they sit outside the Taylor Swift concert, which is pretty funny. Axl discovers that what he said about fruit pies resulted in people getting fired. His boss tells him that he could have his job someday. Brick talks to his friends, and they try to figure out what friends do, which is really funny. They end up going to get fries.

Brick's storyline was hilarious, and the other two were really good. Overall, it was a great episode.

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