Life in Pieces S1E15 Review


This episode introduces two extended family members. Will they be as entertaining as the regular family members?

S1E15 "Gigi TV Soccer Mikey"

In the first story, Sophia is upset that her soccer team keeps loosing because the coach sucks. Heather convinces Matt to coach the team. One parent gets mad at Matt for not playing her son, and Heather wants him to play Sophia. The kids later tell Matt that they would rather not play and win than play and not win, because if they win, they get a pizza party. At the next game, Sophia gives the complaining parents comment cards, which is hilarious.

In the second story, Tyler's great-grandmother gives him her car because she can't drive anymore. She is always wanting to sue everyone, and that is really funny. Tyler and his girlfriend need to get to a concert, but the great-grandmother convinces them to get the car washed, and then to take her to pick up prescriptions, which she thinks she is stealing, but she isn't, which is really funny. Tyler and his girlfriend then are going to go to the concert, but they decide to spend time with the great-grandmother.

In the third story, Greg can't stay awake while watching something on a screen. This is pretty funny. The next night, she lets him just sleep on the couch, thinking that he will be uncomfortable, but the day after that he is well-rested. Each night now he sleeps on the couch and has more energy. Jen ends up really cold in bed, so she makes a rice husband, which is pretty funny. This doesn't work, however. They eventually find a way that works for both of them, they sleep together in the bed with the TV on.

In the forth story, the entire family is having dinner, when a cousin scares them through the window, carrying a pig. The others try to escape when he comes into the house, but Greg is seen by him. Later, he shows up at Heather and Tim's house. Heather comes up with a fake family camping trip, and it is really funny. Tyler, however, gets forgotten. The family, except John and Joan, end up at Greg and Jen's house. John shows up, and reminds them that they are family, and Joan is now all alone with Mikey. They all reluctantly decide to head over, but John doesn't go because he isn't a blood relative, and Jen stays then too. Joan and Mikey are alone, and they have an emotional connection. Joan then becomes really happy when the rest of the family shows up, which is a little bit funny.

The first story was mediocre, the second was pretty good, the third was pretty good, and the forth was mediocre. Overall, it was an alright episode.

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