Modern Family S7E12 Review

Modern Family hasn't been on for a few weeks. How good will its return be? Read on for my thoughts!

S7E12 "Clean for a Day"

Claire is starting her new job, so she wants everything to be clean at the house. She dresses up as a character she created, which is pretty funny. Jay tells Cam that he is taking flying lessons, but it's a secret. Cam gives Manny a bunch of clown items, which is pretty funny. Gloria tells Cam about a dream she had where Jay was falling from a great height, and Cam becomes worried. He tires to call Jay, but he left his phone. He claims he thought he was calling his gardener, and it is hilarious when he says that he doesn't want him to have to climb another large fence.

Cam finds Jay, and he is very attracted to Jay's instructor, which is hilarious. Haley discovers that Alex found Sanjay's sweatshirt, and she needs closure. Mitch thinks that Gloria's dream is about Jay's retirement, so they decide that she will learn how to golf. Luke and Phil try to get back some of the things that Claire took, but she stops them. Eventually, though, Claire realizes that a lot of the things give her memories, but this is after she put them in the bin. Also, there is a funny joke about Phil wearing a bunny suit. Gloria is really bad at golfing, which is really funny, until someone else helps her. After a bunch of problems in the plane, the instructor gets knocked out, and Jay says that he hates it when Gloria is right.

The instructor wakes up. Gloria and Mitch get back to her house, and they discover that Manny has taught Lily how to play the flute, which Mitch had trouble with. Alex and Haley go to Sanjay's, and Alex and Sanjay spend time together. Jay gets back home, and he and Gloria talk about things they can do together and alone time. Claire regrets throwing out a lot of stuff, and Phil reveals that he has a storage unit of things that he was supposed to get rid of, which is pretty funny.

There were a couple of good funny moments in each story. Overall, it was a pretty good episode.

What did you think of "Clean for a Day"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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