Brooklyn Nine-Nine S3E15 Review

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This week on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the nine-nine hosts the nine-eight, and Charles gets jealous of a former partner of Jake's.

S3E15 "The 9-8"

At the start of the episode, Gina auctions off a mystery suitcase, which is really funny. Jake wins the bidding by offering to get a spray tan and let Gina pick out his wardrobe and hair, which is really funny, especially when he is in the elevator the next day with Holt. Holt announces that they will host the nine-eight, which they are all not happy about. Jake then discovers that his first partner is at the nine-eight, and he will go on the stakeout with Jake and Charles. Holt pretends not to be annoyed by the other precinct, which is pretty funny. Amy and Rosa are both really annoyed by their deskmates. Jake and his partner accidentally forget Charles, which is pretty funny.

Jake goes back to Charles, and convinces him to come with them. Gina tells Holt to stand up to the nine-eight captain, and her command over the assistant is really funny. Terry takes Amy and Rosa outside, and shares with them his frustration. His line about his yogurt is really funny, because Terry loves his yogurt! He then realizes that the outside is peaceful. Jake decides to go with his old partner's decision, and it turns out to have been the wrong decision to make. Jake's first reaction is being upset that they used up good lines, which is really funny.

Jake comes up with a plan based on things that Charles points out. Hitchcock and Scully set fire to the kitchen sink, and Rosa's calm delivery of this line is hilarious. This provides a distraction for them to take things outside. Holt, however, tells them that they are being poor hosts. Jake's old partner finds the drugs. Back at the precinct, Charles tells Jake that the old partner planted the drugs.

Jake talks to his old partner, and he eventually admits that he planted the drugs. Jake says that he will report him, and a fight begins, which Charles joins in on. The fight ends up expanding to the entire two precincts. Gina hilariously shouts for Terry to take his shirt off. The radiator got broken, and the nine-eight need to go to a different precinct, and Gina discovers that Holt intentionally broke the radiator.

This was a really good episode. The idea for the episode made it work really well.

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