You, Me and the Apocalypse S1E2 Review

I wasn't very big on the premiere of You, Me and the Apocalypse. It got off to a terrible start, but it improved as the episode went on. Will this episode continue the improvement? Read on for my thoughts.

S1E2 "An Erotic Odyssey"

The episode again starts at the end of the world, but it doesn't seem like we are getting any new material. Thirty-three days earlier, Rhonda, the librarian, meets the person who gave her a ride, a hacker. He believes that she is a hacker because she took the blame for what her son did. Meanwhile, Jamie is freaking out. He then visits his mother, and she is doing a whole lot worse, and she is the only person so far this episode to have a reasonable reaction to the news. Meanwhile, the priest tells the nun he isn't a morning person, and the president is briefed by the expert in these types of situations. Jamie wants to know about his birth mother, so his mother tells him, and calls his birth mother "weird", which is really funny. The priest is given a new task, investigating the second coming of Christ.

The priest tells the nun his new job, and that he is worried that he will anger the Messiah, which is pretty funny. The president is informed of a plan he should announce, but there are currently no details to this plan. Jamie's friend encourages him to not follow the rules, so Jamie drives through a field. The swastika woman discovers that they are not going toward DC, and she orders them to stop the ambulance. Then, a person lands on the windshield.

Everyone is okay when the ambulance flipped, but the swastika woman is stuck. The hacker comes up with a plan, that they will call 911 anonymously and she will be rescued, and they will be rid of her. Jamie's friend wants to stand on top of the car as he drives, because it is on his bucket list. They run into an old couple having sex, and this is hilarious, especially when they go around. Wonderful British humor. Rhonda calls her brother, who turns out to be the person who was briefing the president. The priest and the nun talk about the antichrist, and he is unsure that he has the necessary skills. The president is informed of a plan. Only 15 people can be saved, so they will save 15 women, and they will have a sperm bank.

Jamie and his friend arrive at the place he thinks his mother might be, but it seems that the place is empty. Rhonda discovers that she has actually been kidnapped, but they discover that her son is the hacker. They let her go, in the middle of nowhere. Jamie and his friend get shot by darts and pass out. The president makes an announcement, and Rhonda saves the swastika woman. Rhonda decides to walk, and she hides behind a sign when the woman comes along, which is hilarious. The president decides to go along with the plan. Jamie and his friend wake up, both chained, and the woman believes that Jamie is his brother, the hacker.

This episode had some good moments, but overall it wasn't that good. It was alright.

What did you think of "An Erotic Odyssey"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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