Telenovela S1E9 Review

This week, the guys and girls each have a drunken night out. How funny will this be?

S1E9 "Split Personalities"

At the start of the episode, Mimi reveals that her ex-husband is being released from prison, and they discover that he now looks good. Mimi starts to talk like Ana, so Ana decides to be her Mimi. Ana decides that they should have a girls' night out. Roxie and Isabella decide to join them, and Gael wants to join them, but he his a guy, so they won't let him. Instead, Xavier and Rodrigo invite him to a guys' night out. The respective nights out happen, and Gael is really funny at the guys' night out, because he wants to talk, but the rest don't want to. He lists the types of models he could be, which is really funny. In the morning, Ana and Roxie don't remember what happened the night before, but Mimi discovers that she slept with her ex-husband.

Ana decides to tell Mimi that she shouldn't keep going after her ex. Xavier and Rodrigo decide that the guys should go after one of the people who made negative comments about Gael, and the scene is pretty funny. The girls realize that Isabella is missing, so they look for her. Ana finds a clue about what they did the previous night in Mimi's hair, which is really funny. They track down a male stripper.

The girls discover that Isabella might be having an affair. The guys discover that the guy they are after is huge, but he turns out to actually be a huge fan of Gael. The girls discover Mimi's ex, and Ana climbs on him to get the keys Mimi gave him, which is really funny. What's hilarious is when she stands in front of the car to stop them, and they go in reverse.

Isabella shows up at Ana's apartment to pick up her purse. She is with her family, and Ana is surprised by the family. Gael feels much better now. Ana shows Mimi Isabella's perfect family, and she realizes that her ex will never change. The entire group spends the night together at Ana's and it is really funny when they all freak out when they discover that Mimi and her ex had sex everywhere.

This was a great episode, the best episode of Telenovela so far.

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