Superstore S1E9 Review

The group ends up locked in the store in tonight's episode. Will the group being stuck result in the store result in a hilarious episode?

S1E9 "All-Nighter"

The episode starts at the end of the day at Cloud 9. There is a shopper in the store who can't decide on what to buy, and everyone's reactions are really funny. They finally get him to leave, but Glenn has bad news, they are supposed to put up new signs. The new signs are identical to the old ones, which is really funny. Another good moment is when Amy talks about how she is taking college seriously, and when Dina sings to her birds. The lights later automatically turn off and the doors lock.

Dina and Glenn are reading through corporate things, and Dina finds out that employees can date superiors. Glenn discovers that they just need a certain card to get out, but that card is in his car. They try to get someone outside to help them, but he steals Glenn's car, which is pretty funny, and Glenn's reaction is hilarious. The workers all sit in a circle and talk about their regrets. Garrett convinces Glenn to talk about things he hates about Cloud 9, and he ends up going crazy.

The group plays "Never Have I Ever," and Dina discovers that she is the only one who has never hooked up in the store, which is really funny. Everyone parties, and Amy gets drunk. Dina texts Jonah to meet in the photo lab, where everyone earlier said that they like to have sex. Jonah tells Dina that the only reason he doesn't want to have sex with her is because he doesn't want to date his boss. Jonah talks to Amy, and she reveals that she got in to college when she was eighteen, but didn't go because she was pregnant. In the morning, Cloud 9 is unlocked again, and everyone leaves. Also, Dina requests a demotion from Glenn.

This was a great episode. Keeping all of the characters so close together worked really well.

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