Teachers S1E3 Review

It's been a while since I saw something related to The Bachelor, the last thing being UnReal. While this episode wasn't completely focused on The Bachelor, whatever happened was pretty funny.

S1E3 "Duct Duct Goose"

The superintendent is coming for an inspection and the principal asks all the girls to be on their best behaviour, especially AJ who was responsible for a potato battery accident last year. AJ tries to make a good impression but that goes to hell when one of her students, Jason C, crawls up into the ceiling and refuses to come down. AJ tries her best with the help of Deb and Caroline but eventually decides to chase Jason by crawling into the ceiling by herself, Die Hard style.

Meanwhile, Chelsea tries to make an audition tape for the Bachelor with the help of Mary-Louise despite facing oppression from Cecily. Chelsea tries various gimmicks such as having a student pretend to be a paraplegic as well as make up a story featuring a fake fiance. However, it all comes crashing down literally when AJ falls from the ceiling right on top of Chelsea while filming, just as the principal and the superintendent walk into Chelsea's class. To save her ass, AJ looks at the camera and pretends to make a safety video. The superintendent walks out impressed and congratulates the principal for having such innovative teachers.

Eventually Jason C leaves the ceiling but makes a deal with AJ for free ceiling time after he overhears her confessing about how she was responsible for a lice outbreak. So I guess the episode ended with almost everyone in a good place.

This episode felt a lot better than the last, especially since they focused on AJ and Chelsea this week.
The plot was weird, but in a good way. Some teachers like Mary-Louise and Deb should have their personalities expanded but otherwise the show is still pretty good

Quote of the week: " It's a bottle of GAP Dream one of my students gave me last Christmas, it's better than tear gas"

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