Undateable Season 3 Finale Review (UPDATED)

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The third season of Undateable ends with this hour-long episode. It also may be the end of the series, as the ratings are not good. Will this be a good ending to the season/series? (Also, as usual, the post will be updated after I watch the east coast version.)

S3E12-13 "The Backstreet Boys Walk Into a Bar"

At the start of the episode, Charlotte is mad at Danny because he doesn't want to meet with her kid. Brett has convinced Candace to dye her hair red, and Justin doesn't like red hair. After Candace leaves the room, he shares the story about why he hates red hair, and it is sort of funny. The Backstreet Boys show up to help Justin surprise Candace. Leslie then kisses one of them, and after Brett pulls her off, he does the same, which is really funny. (In the east coast version, they just hugged one of them, not kissed.) Justin then proposes to Candace, and she says yes. Candace and Justin talk in his apartment, and Danny enters with a child on his head. It is really funny because Danny just behaves like normal. The kid is Charlotte's kid. After Candace exits, Danny tells Justin that he is surprised Justin didn't tell him he was going to propose. Danny pretends to speak Japanese, and it is really funny. Justin tells Danny that he is planning to move in with Candace on Valentine's Day. After Justin exits, Will, the kid, tells Danny not to be a bitch, and it is hilariously cute.

Candace doesn't know what to do for her wedding. She asks Charlotte what her wedding was like, and it is hilarious. Leslie and Burski are asked about their relationship, and Burski says that he was instructed to feel the way he does, which is really funny. Candace says that she wishes that she had her grandmother's ring, which her ex Trent sold, and she makes sad faces to convince Shelley to get it back for her. Candace tells the others what happened between Justin and Danny earlier, and they act it out, and it is hilarious. Then, we flash back to Danny and Justin's first meeting. Justin decides to make this right, and then Shelley kisses him, which is really random and funny.

Leslie, Brett, and Shelley find Trent stripping, and he reveals that he didn't sell the ring. Leslie and Brett both try talking to him, but are distracted hilariously. It is one really funny scene. Also, there was a really funny joke about how the group is a Republican's worst nightmare. (The scene wasn't quite as funny in the east coast version.) Justin and Danny talk, and Justin says that he is not planning on moving out of Danny's heart, which is hilarious. Justin tries to get Danny to admit that he is sad, but he doesn't. Justin says that he might as well move out now, and they both try to pretend that they are happy about it. For a moment, they forget what they are fighting about, and it is hilarious. Justin then says that he will move out by the morning. Then, the two fight for the last door slam, and forget what they are fighting about again, which is really hilarious.

Brett tells Burski and Charlotte what happened with Trent, and Leslie comes up with a hilarious plan of how to steal back the ring. Burksi and Leslie officially become a couple, and their exit is funny. Candace and Justin enter, and to make Justin happy, Candace decides they should pretend to be an old married couple, and it is hilarious. Justin, however, is too upset, and leaves. The Backstreet Boys play a song, as Justin and Danny express their anger and sadness all alone, which is really funny. Charlotte makes out with Trent, but he isn't wearing the stud. Charlotte texts to ask if she should sleep with Trent to get the diamond stud from his apartment, and Danny says no. (In the east coast version, Danny keeps keeping Justin from leaving the apartment by starting to say something, which is really funny.) All the boxes are packed up, and Danny realizes that Justin is actually moving out when he opens a box. Also, he fast-forwards past a rant from Leslie, which is really funny. Shelley and Leslie tell Danny to show his emotions to Justin.

Justin and his friends try to celebrate the engagement, but Justin isn't happy. Candace tells him to go after Danny, and this results in a hilarious series of running in and out of the bar by Danny and Justin. Shelley tells a story of Danny as a male stripper, and it is hilarious. When Danny gets back from "the bathroom" he makes a hilarious comment about how flashbacks are exhausting. Danny tells Candace that he got her the ring by getting Trent to Tampa. Danny says that he did it not only for Candace, but for his best friend. (In the east coast version, TV's Scott Foley enters, sad because he thought that he was Justin's best friend.) Danny agrees to be Justin's best man, and calls him "baby bird".

This was a hilarious episode. I especially loved the flashbacks, which were a great idea and were utilized very well.

What did you think of "The Backstreet Boys Walk Into a Bar"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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