Scream Queens Season 1 Finale Review
There are still quite a few characters left on Scream Queens leading up to this week's episode, but only four main characters are supposed to survive the season. Many people, then, die in the final two hours of the first season. Read on for my thoughts on those hours.

And, of course, spoilers ahead!

S1E12 "Dorkus"

The episode begins where the last episode left off, where Pete revealed to Grace that he is a murderer. Pete says that he followed Boone weeks ago and found out that he was the Red Devil. He claims that they had good reason to kill these people, because people like the Chanels are responsible for killing more people. Pete reveals that he killed Roger, and he was going to get killed if he didn't. He also killed Boone, and the police officer in the mall. Pete also tells Grace about what Chanel did to him last year. He was trying to kill Chanel when he killed the police officer. Grace says that she never wants to see Pete anymore. And he reveals that it is one of the Kappa sisters, but we pretty much assumed that. It has got to be either Hester or Chanel #5. Grace asks Pete who the other killer is, but then the other Red Devil bursts in right before he reveals it, and kills him. She then gets in a fight with Grace.

Chanel becomes shamed by everyone after she sends an email to the other Kappas, and the Red Devil forwards it to all of Chanel's contacts. Chanel cannot stand how everyone is treating her, and decides that she needs to kill herself. Zayday comes into Chanel's room, where she is trying to kill herself with a snake that she thinks is poisonous, but it is actually a garter snake in a sweater, which is pretty funny. Zayday convinces Chanel that they can rebuild Kappa together by catching the Red Devil killer. A man in a Red Devil costume then comes in to kill them, but Zayday stops him. He says "she made me do it". Also, Hester says that someone with scars on her face and carrying a shovel saying something like "I'm a dork" showed up. He reveals he has dynamite strapped to him, and it is about to go off. The Kappas run away in a weird slow motion scene, then he blows up.

Chanel #5 is reliving the explosion, but #3 wants to move on. Chanel announces that she is going to go on an apology tour, and that her first stop would be Melanie Dorkus's house. Also, Chanel believes that Boone is the only killer, and to avoid getting killed, they just all need to avoid places that gay people go, which is very funny. Grace and Wes talk, and the scene has some funny moments. Grace then comes up with a plan to find out who the Red Devil is, and tells Wes that he is going to have to take one for the team and create a playlist.

Cathy shows up at her house, and there are candles everywhere. She finds Wes in her bedroom in his underwear, and he says that he knows that they are supposed to be together. He plays music, and they have sex, as Grace and Zayday sneak around. The Chanels visit Melanie's house, except Hester who stays at Kappa house. Grace and Zayday look at one file, and discover that parts of it are very made up. Chanel #5 discovers that someone swiped right on her on Tinder, and leaves the other two.

Wes and Cathy talk, and she says that Grace needs to go bye-bye. Chanel and #3 visit Melanie, and Chanel is convinced that she is the killer, and is about to kill her when Grace and Zayday rush in saying that Hester is the killer. The four go back to Kappa house, and find #5 there, who said that her swipe right was a fake. They all then find Hester on the ground with the heel of a shoe in her eye. She suddenly opens her eyes, points to Chanel #5 and says "Red Devil".

S1E13 "The Final Girl(s)"

The episode starts in January 2016. Zayday is now the Kappa president, and Grace is her vice president. The opening scene is very funny. Hester is the treasurer, and then she narrates to the audience how she got away with the plan. She tells her life story, from growing up in an asylum, which is hilarious, especially Gigi's teaching of murder weapons, to her acceptance into college, with the obviously faked transcript. She spared Grace and Zayday because they were nice to her, but she killed the other Chanels.

Back in December, Chanel and #3 interrogate #5 and come up with a theory. Denise enters, and reveals that Boone is dead, though Grace already knew that. Hester enters, and Grace and Zayday insist that she is the killer. Hester, to prove her innocence, brings in fake parents, which is pretty funny. Then, #5's parents enter, and claim that they adopted #5 from Gigi, which Hester convinced them to say two weeks earlier. Denise is still convinced that Zayday is the killer, but admits that this is suspicious.

Hester comes up with a lot of fake evidence against Chanel #3, after accusing her of working with #5. This evidence includes letters from Charles Manson and a signed psychiatrist letter saying that #3 has a split personality. Denise arrests #3, along with #5 who she already arrested. Then, Hester says that Chanel is also working with them. Hester provides proof that Chanel bought items such as a chainsaw, crossbow, and riding lawnmower. Denise plans to arrest Chanel, but she runs. The other Chanels run as well. Denise calls for backup, and former male strippers who are now police officers come in and take the Chanels away. This is hilarious.

The episode them jumps to May 2016, and Cathy tells what has happened in the last five months. Denise and Chad broke up when Denise is needed by the FBI, and it is hilarious. Cathy wrote a book about "new new feminism", well really a ghost writer wrote it, and it is hilarious. Hester, Grace, and Zayday work on a monument. After Grace and Zayday leave, Hester and Cathy talk, and Cathy says that she knows that Hester is the killer, but when she says that she will turn Hester in, Hester says that if she does, she will turn Cathy in for the murder of her ex-husband, so they decide not to turn each other in.

Grace started a hotline for people who have surprise twins at a party, but it hasn't gotten much activity. Wes tells Grace he is going to give Grace a gift, which turns out to be his trust. He is going to Napa with Cathy. The Chanels are in court, and while the jury is about to say they are not guilty, they change their minds after Chanel insults them. They get sent to the insane asylum. This ended up being great for them. #3 fell in love with a lesbian nurse, and Chanel became best friends with #5. Then, the Red Devil shows up to kill Chanel. I found it to be a strange ending to the season for an anthology series, and not as many people died as I expected.

While "Dorkus" had some funny moments and some thrilling moments, there were some parts that were not as interesting, but overall it was a good episode. I enjoyed most of "The Final Girl(s)", I just wasn't excited about the ending, so it was still a great episode.

What did you think of "Dorkus" and "The Final Girl(s)"? If Scream Queens gets another season, will you return? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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