Teachers S1E1 Review

(Spoilers) Welcome to the first review of TV land's new show Teachers, created and starring the group known as the Katydids. It was a pleasant viewing experience so I decided to give this show a little attention.

 S1E1- "Pilot"

The episode begins with the Principal forcing the gang to start an anti- bullying committee after Deb(The red head) lodges a complaint with the school board because of her troubled past, even though there was no bullying problem in the school.
The girls first set up a compliments board, but that backfires when all the kids start writing insults instead which leads to Deb starting an anti bullying club with some students called Stop Teasing And Bullying(STAB) and tells them to stop bullies. This also backfires as many of the members start attacking a bully named Blake while chanting the word 'Stab'.

This eventually leads to a member of the school district to come and fix the problem. Unfortunately, that person turns out to be Lauren Zelnick (OMG Annie), Deb's former bully who apologises for the way she treated her in high school. But during Lauren's anti bullying workshop, Lauren aggravates Deb as an example to show how to react properly to bullying which ends with Deb assaulting Lauren in front of the kids and the principal. The next day, the principal tells the girls that their school is now exempt from the anti-bullying program

Other side stories include Mary Louise awkward meeting with Blake's hot dad, Caroline complaining about her ex-boyfriend while labelling it as bullying and Ginger constantly dismissing one of her student's portraits of herself with the student which leads to Ginger being called a bully.

This was a very fun show. I actually went to their website and saw some episodes of the webseries the show is based on. I found the shorts to be witty and noticed that some of the shorts were used in parts of the episode. I look forward to the rest of the season which starts next year.

I would like to give shoutout to Alison Brie, who played Lauren Zelnick as well as to Trevor Larcom, the red head kid from Fresh off the boat who plays Blake. Something tells me this kid is gonna be famous one day.

Quote of the week: "I'm not Miley Cyrus. I don't have horse teeth"

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