The Goldbergs S3E9 Review

Once again, television is used to advertise the military recruitment program. Lets see how this goes down.

S3E9 "Wingmom"

In this episode, Barry, once again inspired by a film, this time the film being Top Gun starring the real American Psycho Tom Cruise. After Barry and the Jenkintown posse meet an ROTC recruiter in their school, Barry joins the program with the approval of Murray(and the disapproval of Beverly)
However, Barry finds the training difficult and requests Beverly to help him get out. However she makes it worse by joining him and becoming his "Wingmom". Beverly successfully overrules the inspector's demands and makes it easier for Barry. However, Murray finds out about it and makes Beverly feel bad. This leads to Beverly letting Barry go for ROTC without her to allow him to be more independent.

In storyline B, after a fun time at the mall arcade, Adam and Pops come across a timeshare investment condo in Florida Pops buys immediately, to Adam's dismay. This leads to Adam hanging out with Pop Pop, his other grandfather. As an act of retaliation, Pops starts hanging out with Erica until Adam gets angry at both his grandparents when they start fighting in the mall. To win Adam back, Pops challenges him to a game to Ms. Pacman where if Pops lost he wouldn't speak to Adam and if Pops won, Adam had to listen to him. Pops ultimately lost but Adam decides to patch things up by showing Pops a presentation about their friendship.

The best parts about this episode were the lessons. It showed that Barry had to experience hard work on his own and it also showed how Adam and Pops' relationship stayed strong through a difficult rough patch. Not much of Erica, but she did a good job n what few scenes she had in this episode.
Also a shoutout to Rob Huebel,  who played the sketchy timeshare salesman who was also the photographer/scam artist back in season 2.

Quote of the week: Cigaroos - " Cigarettes for kids"

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