CW Renew/Cancel Watch: 'The Vampire Diaries' is a Toss Up

Hey peeps, this is Jessica. This is week 13 of Renew/Cancel Watch, and this week I am posting at an early time. One change has been made since last time and since there are nine shows in the regular season to predict and one summer show still undecided, there will be repeats. Without further ado, here are this week's predictions. 

Format for Predictions: Show Title (Average Live+SD A18-49 Rating)

Certain to Be Canceled
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (0.3)
Significant Mother (0.2)
Likely to be Canceled
iZombie (0.6)

Toss Up
The Vampire Diaries (0.6)

Likely to be Renewed
Jane the Virgin (0.4)
Reign (0.3)

Certain to Be Renewed
Arrow (1.0)
Supernatural (0.7)
The Flash (1.4)
The Originals (0.4)

Fate Determined 
Beauty and the Beast (final season premieres TBA)

Yet to Premiere
Containment (midseason)
DC's Legends of Tomorrow (premieres 1/21)
The 100 (season 3 premieres 1/21)

The Vampire Diaries: Even though it is steady in the ratings, the show is becoming a sinking ship. This past week it got the same ratings as The Originals. Although both shows are moving to Fridays, that does not necessarily mean that they are doomed. However, you got other factors to consider, and contracts are an issue. Along with declining ratings, I have to downgrade it back to a Toss Up. 

Significant Mother: I haven't mentioned this ratings turkey in a while. Despite the fact that it's been two months since the season finale, it's still certain to be canceled. There is no chance that this show would air in the regular season. Who's to say that this dreck would air in summer again? 

Question: Although it's rather unlikely that Crazy Ex-Girlfriend would air during the regular season after this season, would the show be a better candidate for Planet Summer? 

Question #2: In unrelated network news, despite the fact that Undateable has been NBC's #1 comedy despite fractional ratings, the Reaper has kept his prediction at "likely to be canceled", but has mentioned a move to TBS. But could WB produced Undateable move to the CW for a trial run at Planet Summer? 

Let me know in the comments below!

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