New Nielsen Ratings Metrics and Delays (UPDATED 6:49 Eastern Time)

Per ShowBuzzDaily, the fast nationals have been delayed to 1pm Eastern Time (aka right now). The reason is as follows: the sample for Nielsen is changing. The author of the article states that we may see days, weeks, even months of bumpy ratings, as we are seeing the most significant change in the
system since 1987.

To read the full article, the link is as follows:
UPDATE: Per ShowBuzzDaily, Nielsen is STILL processing last night's ratings, and the estimated release time is now 3pm Eastern, four hours later than normal.

UPDATE #2: Per ShowBuzzDaily, Nielsen is STILL not ready to release the data and is still processing the numbers. They will provide an updated time shortly...

UPDATE #3: Per ShowBuzzDaily, Nielsen has pushed back the release time yet another two hours, to 5pm Eastern. This is their fourth two-hour delay today.

UPDATE #4: Reportedly three numbers will be released for today's ratings: those using the old system, those using the new system, and those that average the both. Could we be seeing bigger adjustments than thought??? About eight minutes away from the reported time with no further announcement, so hopefully they actually come now!

UPDATE #5: Constantly refreshing. Wish I could start a live stream for this stuff. Forgot to mention that we will indeed be reporting the ratings today, assuming they are released.

UPDATE #6: ShowBuzzDaily isn't too confident we're getting our ratings anytime soon.

UPDATE #7: Nielsen is to give an update at 6:30 Eastern Time (in an hour). The ratings will be released sometime between 7pm and 9pm Eastern Time, if they are at all. There is still a chance we don't get the ratings today.

UPDATE #8: You may have seen a live blog widget appear. I can't get it to work properly on my computer. Sorry!

UPDATE #9: The ratings are now scheduled to be released at 8pm Eastern Time

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