Modern Family S7E8 Review

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Modern Family's seventh season started out pretty rough, but it has been improving. Will this episode be a good one? Read on for my thoughts.

S7E8 "Clean Out Your Junk Drawer"

The episode starts with a group therapy that the family is doing. The therapist decides they should play a game called "tiger, rock star, bunny", which is very funny. Meanwhile, Alex and Haley talk about what is going on in their lives. Alex tells Haley about Reuben, and Haley tells Alex about her and Andy at Phil's sexy house. Back at the Dunphys, the married couples are supposed to open up to each other. Claire is treating it like a competition, sure that she and Phil will win therapy, which is really funny. Jay gets emotional and leaves the room, but the others follow and find him watching the football game.

Gloria is angry at Jay, and she calls Claire and Mitchell neurotic. Cam and Mitch volunteer for the next part of the therapy. Mitch and Cam end up in a fight, which Claire is snarky about. Alex and Haley decide to dump the guys that they are seeing. The adults' next task is to write down all of the things they don't like about their partner. Claire and Phil argue, and then Mitch and Cam have an even bigger argument. The therapist then says that she has to leave due to a family emergency.

Haley and Andy meet in Haley's car, and they both want to end what is going on between them. Cam insists on leading the group, and Jay gets angry, he does not like the therapy, and thinks that it is pointless. Jay talks about his dad, and he ends up getting emotional. It was a really good monologue, it was well-written and Ed O'Neil acted it out really well. Alex breaks up with Reuben, but Haley sleeps with Andy again. The ending shows the family members all changed by the day's events.

Overall, this was a really good episode. The main storyline about the adults was great, and the minor storyline with Haley and Alex was alright.

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