Monday Ratings: How Did Superstore and Telenovela Do Under the New Metrics?

Superstore: 0.9
Telenovela: 0.8

Now for the other ratings:


Happy New Year, Charlie Brown: 1.1
Source: NBC
Rudolph's Shiny New Year: 0.7
Castle (R): 0.5


Supergirl (R): 0.9
Scorpion (R): 1.0
NCIS: LA (R): 0.9


Superstore (R): 0.9
Telenovela (R): 0.7
Blindspot (R): 0.6


Gotham (R): 0.4
Bones (R): 0.5

The CW

Penn & Teller: Fool Us: 0.5

So Superstore (0.9) absolutely tanked, losing almost half the audience from its previous episode, which had a 1.6 rating, and well down from the 2.0 series premiere. What's fishy is it supposedly tied a rerun of itself, which is a rating that did better than recent reruns of some of ABC's Wednesday comedies.

Telenovela (0.8) only lost one tenth from its last airing, supposedly, yet it too had a relatively amazing rerun rating. Looks like either audiences were confused or Nielsen has a big glitch to work out.

IMPORTANT: Looks like NBC was preempted in Cincinnati for Monday Night Football. Yes, these ratings are actually inflated.

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