Life in Pieces S1E10 Review

In most episodes of Life in Pieces, there tends to be a great story and a terrible story, with another two in between. Will this week's episode be like most, or will it be different? Read on for my thoughts!

S1E10 "Vasectomy Pong Burn Milkshake"

In the first story, Jen is worried about going back to work, and she is writing herself sticky notes. Greg and Jen have dinner with Heather and Tim, but Jen leaves to write herself another sticky note. Heather says that she understands what is going on, and that Greg needs to pick a fight with Jen to release some of her energy. Greg ends up calling Jen fat, and she has a very funny reaction to that. Following that, there is a pretty funny phone call. In the morning, Greg and Jen make up, and she puts a sticky note on his forehead saying "idiot".

In the second story, Heather and Tim's kids are all at sleepovers, so Heather decides that Tim should get a vasectomy. The nurse to shave him ends up being one that he had fired before. That doesn't go well for Tim. Then, the doctor does the surgery, but as he is doing it, Heather realizes how much she loves babies. She rushes in, but the vasectomy has already been done. This wasn't very funny, and it was mostly unoriginal. Also, Tim is not my favorite character, I find him sort of annoying.

In the third story, Joan has had her identity stolen, so she calls the credit card company, but she is unable to talk to anyone helpful. She decides that she needs a milkshake. She is on hold for fifteen minutes, and when she is finally taken off hold, it is also when they get to the drive-thru, which is pretty funny. Joan gets hung up on, and John pays in all coins, so it takes them a while to count. When they get their food, they are out of milkshakes, as a baseball team just got the last ones. Joan gets mad at the guy working at the fast food place, but John fixes things by getting a milkshake from one of the baseball kids in exchange for a strange package.

In the forth story, Colleen looks at the photos from Greg and Jen's wedding and notices that Greg has a tooth missing. This is due to a ping pong game between Greg and Matt the night before the wedding. The rivalry comes back again as a result of this being brought up. Greg and Matt play again to finish the game from before. Greg ends up getting mad and knocks out another one of his teeth. As a result, in the Christmas photos for that year, Greg is missing a tooth.

The first story was great, the second one was terrible, the third was good, and the forth was bad. Overall, it was an alright episode.

What did you think of "Vasectomy Pong Burn Milkshake"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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