The Middle S7E10 Review
The Middle tends to do some really great holiday episodes. This season especially, The Middle did great at Halloween and Thanksgiving. Will the Christmas episode be great too? Read on for my thoughts on the episode.

S7E10 "Not So Silent Night"

The episode starts with the Hecks eating dinner on Christmas Eve. Frankie tells the others her plan to not end up in the overflow room at the church service that evening, which includes leaving at 6:00. They debate about what time it is, as most of the clocks in the house are incorrect, which is completely hilarious. It turns out to be 6:40, so they hurry to get out of the house. Frankie then decides that they should instead watch a church service on television.

Mike is excited about Frankie's idea, saying it might be her best idea since no forth kid, which is really funny. Brick and Axl debate who owes who money, and Axl's logic is very funny. The whole family sits on the couch to watch the service, and Frankie insists they stand when the pastor enters because God can see them, which is hilarious. Sue tries to convince each member of the family to go along with her photo idea, which results in some very funny lines, especially one from Axl about how to get her to stop talking about it. The commercial came, and Sue got her picture, which was very funny. Axl and Brick give Frankie the gift, and since it is in a big box, she figured it wasn't the cat perfume, so she tells them how she never actually liked it. Then, Sue reveals that they have a big problem. All of the pictures on the computer went away when she uploaded the Santa hat picture.

The family members all start blaming each other for the lost pictures. Frankie searches for the older pictures, before everything went digital. The whole family starts yelling, and it gets a little bit annoying. Sue thinks she has found the pictures in the garage, but it is just old magazines. Frankie breaks down, and then goes off to her room. The kids go to Mike and try to get him to do something. I didn't enjoy the third act very much.

Mike refuses to help out, saying that he has been through all of this before, where Frankie freaks out over stupid things. The kids try to comfort her, which has some good funny moments. The kids and Mike start yelling again, and it is even worse than the first time. Frankie realized that they really needed church, so they went to church and ended up in the third overflow room. On Christmas morning, Mike gave Frankie a gift, the old pictures. He stayed up last night and found them. I felt like it was a rough conclusion that happened all of a sudden.

This was a pretty good episode, but probably actually my least favorite episode of The Middle, as I have enjoyed every single episode of it.

What did you think of "Not So Silent Night"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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