Life in Pieces S1E11 Review

Christmas is here on Life in Pieces this week. How will the holiday be handled through four stories? Read on for my thoughts!

S1E11 "Lice Stealing College Caroling"

In the first story, the family is playing white elephant, and Heather tells Tyler to open a specific present. It is a college sweatshirt for the college he got accepted into. He tells them he doesn't want to go to college. Heather goes to Matt later to tell him to talk to Tyler, because he didn't go to college. When Matt goes to talk to Tyler, Tyler tells him that he looks up to him. Tyler and his band play for Matt, and he tells Heather and Tim that they need to listen. The band is terrible, so Heather won't have to crush Tyler's dreams, which is a very funny conclusion.

In the second story, Joan is upset that she isn't hosting Christmas this year, because she has for many years. This year, Greg and Jen are hosting Christmas because that is easier with the baby. Greg offers to let them spend the night, and they accept. This results in a hilarious night, where they are kept up. They eventually fall asleep, and wake up at eleven o'clock in the morning. They find a note that says that John and Joan took Lark on a drive, which ends up being a drive to their house. They give Lark her first Christmas present, which Jen is angry about. John and Joan apologize, which Jen believes to be a Christmas miracle, a line that I loved.

In the third story, Samantha is grounded, so she plays loud music to annoy her parents. She asks them if she can go to the library, and they let her, after a terrible line from Tim. Oh, Tim, why must you be so annoying? Samantha goes to the mall with her friends, but they get lice from the mall Santa's beard. Heather discovers this, and tricks Samantha into admitting that she went to the mall with her friends. The story ends on a hilarious note when Sophia charges Samantha, and Heather who ends up getting lice, $20 for a bottle of something that will help with their lice.

In the forth story, John is going caroling with her old Air Force buddies. Joan and Heather both decide not to go, but they say that Greg might want to go. Greg does not want to go, but they suggest that Matt might want to go. John tries to convince Matt to go, but Colleen says that she wants to go, wanting to use this as an opportunity to bond with John. They go to the bar, but no one is there yet. John discovers that his friends are not showing up, most of them are gone now. Colleen gets the family to all show up and sing the strange carols with John. It was a great and funny conclusion.

The first story was really good, the second was great, the third was bad, and the forth was great. Overall, it was a good episode.

What did you think of "Lice Stealing College Caroling"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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