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It's Christmas time on Mom this week, and Regina is back! How good of an episode is this? Read on for my thoughts.

S3E6 "Horny-Goggles and a Catered Intervention"

The episode starts with each of Bonnie, Wendy, Marjorie, Jill, and Christie talking about how they all wish they had a boyfriend this Christmas, but they are all single at a meeting. This is a really funny scene. Wendy suggests to the group that they go to the holiday sober dance, but no one else wants to go, which results in many hilarious lines. Regina shows up, and tells the group that she realized she isn't actually an alcoholic.

Regina shares that she drank a couple of times, and she had no problem. She is not an alcoholic, just a drug addict. Marjorie tells Regina that she believes her, and that she can have wine in front of them. She takes a drink, and seems to be fine. Later, Christy discusses not celebrating Christmas. Wendy calls Christy, and Jill calls Bonnie, which results in a hilarious train of information. Jill organizes an intervention for Regina, which is catered. Regina is annoyed by this, and tells them that she needs to find better friends. I am finding this really interesting, as usually Marjorie is like a mentor to the others, but this time they are all in this together. I just really hope it ends with the group realizing they are in the wrong, not Regina realizing she is actually an alcoholic.

The group is at the coffee shop again, where Bonnie flirts with the waiter, but then asks the others whether he is hot or she is wearing horny-goggles. The group's consensus is horny-goggles. Regina shows up with a new boyfriend, and the others are shocked. Back at home, Christy and Bonnie are finishing decorating the tree, and Bonnie tells Christy that instead of tips she got an Arby's coupon and a polaroid of a penis in a Santa hat. Baxter, Candace, and Roscoe show up and they give Bonnie and Christie gifts. In return, Christy gives Baxter the Arby's coupon, which he hilariously loves, and Bonnie gives Candace the polaroid, which is hilarious. Christy talks to Baxter, and he makes her realize that she shouldn't start drinking again. It was really a great scene. The group visits Regina and apologize to her. Also, Bonnie decides they should give her Jill's earrings as a gift. They invite her to the sober dance, but she refuses. After they leave, Regina pulls out a bottle of wine and begins to drink, which was wonderfully emotional. In the tag scene, the group tries to have fun at the sober dance.

Overall, this was a great episode. It was hilarious in many parts, but also had some amazing serious scenes.

What did you think of "Horny-Goggles and a Catered Intervention"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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