Scream Queens S1E11 Review

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Next week is the season finale of Scream Queens. Who is the killer? This is the last week to make predictions!

S1E11 "Black Friday"

The episode starts with Chanel revealing why she shops on Black Friday. She buys cheap gifts for her friends, which makes them question their friendship, undermining their confidence. It was hilarious. Cathy tells the Chanels to stay at Kappa house, but Chanel insists that it would be un-American to keep them from shopping on Black Friday. Grace, Pete, and Wes go to the police to report Gigi's death, but the entire homicide department has been fired. The Chanels tell Chanel what they are getting her, but it is something she already has. Chanel decides then to buy her friends matching pink Jeeps, but the mall then gets shut down and the Red Devil shows up. Chanel gets shot in the chest by the Red Devil's arrow, then Denise, the new chief of police, shows up, but the Red Devil shoots another police officer and runs away.

Chanel calls a house meeting, and insists that Cathy is the killer. Chanel says that they need to kill Cathy, and Grace agrees, though Zayday doesn't. Both Chanel and Grace decide that they should poison Cathy. Chad reads Boone's will, and everything goes to Pete, which he finds strange, as he barely knew Boone. Chad then asks Pete to join the Dickie Dollar Scholars, but he refuses. Chad then says that tradition states that they should duel, but Pete refuses this as well, so Chad shouts that Pete will get murdered.

Chanel and Grace meet with Cathy, and pretend to be interested in started a feminism club. They give her a jar of apple cider that is poisoned, and has way more than enough poison in it. But, she does not seem to be affected at all. Grace talks to Pete. She tells him about their failed plan, and he tells her about Chad asking him to join the Dickie Dollar Scholars. Pete insists that Grace can't kill Cathy.

Chanel #3 confirms that Cathy has not been poisoned, the only person that has been admitted to the ER was Chad, who sat on a Lego Captain Jack Sparrow when doing his nude yoga, which was a hilarious explanation. Grace got kicked out of Kappa, and then she goes to meet with her dad. Pete is there, as Pete and Wes were working together to find out more about Gigi. It turns out that she wasn't there at the bathtub incident, her sister was, though she later killed herself. The Chanels and Zayday execute their plan, which involves freezing Cathy to death. However, this also doesn't work.

Pete is on the phone with someone, and they talk about leaving campus. In his closet is a Red Devil costume, but we already knew that he had that. The girls all share ideas about how Cathy could have survived. Hester shares a story about the mythical Resputen, who happens to be just like Cathy, and could only be killed by drowning. Chanel tells them all to meet her at the pool when she calls them on their new phones, but when Chanel calls, the other Chanels are busy arguing with a person working at a lingerie store.

Chanel is the only one at the pool when Cathy shows up, but she seems to be on to Chanel. Chanel is furious at her fellow Kappas. My big question is, where is Zayday? Grace arrives at Pete's and sees that he is packed up. He makes up a story about wanting to go into the woods. Grace wants to lose her virginity with Pete, but he says that he doesn't want her first time to be with a murderer. Did he kill Gigi? That's my guess.

This was a really good episode. I am very excited for next week's two episodes!

What did you think of "Black Friday"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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