CW Renew/Cancel Watch: Midseason Forecast

Hey folks, this is Jessica. This is a special Renew/Cancel Watch post where I will make pre-midseason predictions. Here are the current predictions as of week 13.

Format for Predictions: Show Title (Average Live+SD A18-49 Rating)

Certain to Be Canceled
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (0.3)
Significant Mother (0.2)
Likely to be Canceled
iZombie (0.6)

Toss Up
The Vampire Diaries (0.6)

Likely to be Renewed
Jane the Virgin (0.4)
Reign (0.3)

Certain to Be Renewed
Arrow (1.0)
Supernatural (0.7)
The Flash (1.4)
The Originals (0.4)

Fate Determined 
Beauty and the Beast (final season premieres TBA)

Yet to Premiere
Containment (midseason)
DC's Legends of Tomorrow (premieres 1/21)
The 100 (season 3 premieres 1/21)

Now for the midseason forecast: 

The 100: Returns in a brand new time slot: Thursday @ 9:00 after DC's Legends of Tomorrow. It's a limited series that became one of the few shows to survive with less than 44 episodes. After season 3, since there will be only 45 episodes, there will be no syndication guarantee until after a possible season 4. That's if the show can have at least 70 episodes by series' end. However, right now I'm not so sure about that possibility. 

My verdict: Could go either way, so I'm watching this one. 

Containment: The pilot was laughed at during Comic Con. I am extremely pessimistic about this. 

My verdict: Likely to be canceled, until I know for sure how much more atrocious the ratings are than Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. 

DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Just from the looks of things, this could take either Arrow or Supernatural's place as the the second or third highest rated show on the network in the short term. 

My verdict: I'm leaning towards likely renewal. 

Question: Could bubble show The Vampire Diaries be renewed for a final season if ratings stayed steady, or will it become another 90210?  

Question #2: Now that Rachel Bloom has been nominated for a Golden Globe, does that change the fact that it's obviously a certain cancelation? 

Let me know in the comments below! 

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