Telenovela Series Premiere Review

I apologize that it took me this long to get to writing this review, it's been a busy week. This season, I will be reviewing Telenovela. I have been very excited for it, and I have been hoping that it will be as good as the previous week's Superstore premiere.

S1E1 "Pilot"

The episode starts with Ana showing up to the set at the very last minute, which is very funny. They film a short scene, which is hilarious, and her faint is very dramatic. A woman from the network shows up to tell them that they have a new cast member. The new cast member turns out to be Xavier, Ana's ex-husband. Ana keeps getting reminded of the divorce because of this, and she is very upset. Also, all of the guys on the show are upset because they have to compete with another hot guy now. Ana tells Xavier the rules of the show, insisting that it is her show, but he gets added to the poster, making it more of their show.

Ana makes the morning announcements, and Xavier then announces that he has gotten everyone Heat tickets. Ana is very angry about Xavier being on the show, so she goes to the new network president. She tells him how she should have been informed of Xavier's hiring. A new script comes in, and now Ana is not playing Xavier's love interest, she's playing his love interest's mom. She has a sort of a breakdown, and the cameras are there. While this is funny, it's a little too dramatic.

Ana is afraid that she will never be successful again, and she decides that Xavier doesn't deserve the boat that he has, so she and Mimi decide to steal it. This, however, does not go well, as Xavier is on the boat. Ana and Xavier talk, and he admits that he did cheat on her. They kiss for the paparazzi, and everyone loves Ana again, so she gets the lead back. Ana thinks that there might be something actually between them again, but she sees him kissing someone else. While filming, instead of kissing Xavier, Ana slaps him, and everyone is shocked. While I get that a lot of the humor of this show is how over-dramatic it is, I'm feeling like it is too dramatic.

S1E2 "Evil Twin"

Everyone is freaked out because it is Isabella's birthday, and that means that she will be in a bad mood. Ana tells Isabella that they know it is her birthday, and that she doesn't need to be in such a bad mood. Isabella tricks them into caring about her, then reveals that she was just acting. Ana makes an announcement to everyone, but they don't want to listen because she makes too many announcements, so she gets everyone ice cream. Ana decides that they shouldn't all have secrets. Mimi reveals to Ana later that she had a sex dream about Rodrigo, so Ana poses a hypothetical to Rodrigo, which leads to Mimi and Rodrigo having sex that night. Isabella has a twin that shows up, and everyone is worried.

Mimi tells Ana about her one night stand, but Ana becomes disgusted by the details because they are like a brother and sister to her. Gael discovers that Isabella's twin knows how terrible she can be. Rodrigo laughs at Xavier because his stunt double is a woman, and then Ana runs into Rodrigo and reveals that Mimi thought that what they had was a one night stand, but Rodrigo assumed that this was not a one night stand, and he is very angry. This was very predictable. Rodrigo has trouble acting with Mimi in the room, and reveals that he and Mimi slept together to everyone. Gael tells Isabella's twin a lot of bad things about her, and she reveals that she was recording it all. Ana and Gael try to stop Isabella's twin from leaving with her phone, and Isabella and her twin get into a fight.

Ana and Gael watch the fight, and it is pretty funny. Mimi and Rodrigo talk, and he says that the reason he doesn't like one night stands is because he really wants the women that he sleeps with to feel satisfied completely. Mimi shares how he made her feel, and they decide to sleep together again, but not tell anyone. Ana talks to Isabella, and some of Ana's lines about her open book policy, like many of them throughout the episode, sounded very annoying and like something I've heard before. After Ana decides to abandon her open book policy, Isabella tells her how old she is, and Ana really wants to tell people, but she can't.

The first episode was very funny, but too dramatic at times. Overall, it was a good episode. The second episode, however, seemed very unoriginal, and at times very annoying. I felt like I had seen the storylines of the episode many times before. Overall, it was a mediocre episode.

What did you think of "Pilot" and "Evil Twin"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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