Jess's Take: CBS vs Warner Bros., Round 1

Welcome to another installment of Jess's Take. I wanted to take a look at the complicated politics of Warner Bros. and CBS. 

1. Mike & Molly is De-Facto Canceled 
According to cast member Rondi Reed, Mike & Molly has been canceled. The sixth season will be its very last on CBS. The show's episode order was cut to 13 episodes from the initial 22. Apparently WB had been trying to negotiate with the network, but that has failed. 

2. Person of Interest Left Unscheduled
CBS in addition has left Person of Interest unscheduled. That is not a good sign. Two shows get screwed in the same season.

3. iZombie's Partial Backorder
Because of CBS affirmative action, iZombie got a partial backorder for season 2 and is on the chopping block at the CW. Talk about uncertain fate.

Winner of Round 1: CBS
What should Warner do to get the upper hand in Tribune negotiations? 

The match begins between these two corporate powerhouses. You decide what happens next. 

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