Undateable S3E9 Review (Both Versions)

As a result of being behind on many shows, once again I will review both versions of Undateable's episode before posting my review. And, as usual, I will review the west coast version first for consistency. Also, this week is the Christmas episode.

S3E9 "A Box of Puppies Walks into a Bar"

The episode starts with Danny and Charlotte talking to Justin and Candace. Charlotte tells Justin and Candace of a incident that morning, where Danny didn't stand up for Charlotte. Justin tells Danny about how he stood up for Candace the other day, and almost got beat up by a soccer mom, which was pretty funny. Shelley gives everyone sweaters, and Danny makes a joke about how he is on his sweatshirt, but really it is Jesus on his sweatshirt, and Danny claims they get confused often, which is really funny. (In the east coast version, Danny makes a hilarious joke about how this happens often at airport security.) Shelley asks the others to spend Christmas Eve with him, because they are his family. Later, Candace comes into the bar with a box of puppies. She explains that they are Mo's puppies, and she blames Justin who blames Danny. Candace says that she was told by Vince, the owner of the dog that got pregnant, that she is financially responsible for the puppies. Danny thinks this is crazy, until Vince enters the bar, revealing that he is a gigantic man. Charlotte makes a very funny joke about "the curious case of Danny's missing balls", which I loved.

Candace shares that she owes Vince twelve hundred dollars. She has no idea how to raise the money, but then Danny enters with a plan. He is dressed as Santa, and he brings along Justin, dressed as an elf, Burski, dressed as a reindeer, and Brett, dressed as a gingerbread. The plan involves them caroling. Candace has a little bit of hope for this plan, but Charlotte thinks it is crazy. The guys get chased by Vince's gang, and they pick up Danny to use him as a battering ram, which is kind of funny. The group gets the results of the test to determine whether or not Mo is the father of the puppies. This results in a hilarious scene. It is revealed that Mo is not the father. Danny says goodbye to Vince's gang, and members of the group head out. Justin remarks how he loves that things always seem to work out at Christmas, but Shelley is all alone on Christmas Eve, as the others forgot about him.

Shelley goes down into the bar, very upset. (While in the west coast version he is all alone, in the east coast version Brett is going to get a beer for him.) The others surprise him, they decide to change their plans to be with Shelley. He says that he wants to hear everyone's Christmas wishes. Burski wishes that Leslie would admit that their kiss meant something, and Leslie wishes that Burksi would understand that she is overwhelmed. Danny wishes that people would stop making wishes, but also shares that he loves his friends, which Brett also says. Justin adds on to that, saying that he hopes they can do this for a few more seasons. Shelley has three wishes, the first two are serious, and actually really great, and the third is that the new Star Wars movie doesn't suck. It was a great ending to the episode.

This was a great episode, one of Undateable's best. It was a great Christmas episode.

What did you think of "A Box of Puppies Walks into a Bar"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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