Brooklyn Nine-Nine S3E10 Review


This is the last Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode of 2015! Will it end the year on a good note? Read on for my thoughts on the episode. Will viewers follow it back to Tuesdays in January? We shall see.

S3E10 "Yippie Kayak"

At the start of the episode, Amy tells Jake of her way of tricking Holt into accepting her gift, despite his no gift policy. She leaves the gift in an unmarked box on his desk, and writes to open it immediately with her non-dominant hand, so that he will not recognize her handwriting. Of course, Holt thinks that it is a bomb. It was a really hilarious teaser. Boyle gets Jake a very personal gift, and he realizes that he was so consumed with getting Amy a gift, he forgot Boyle. He recruits Gina to help him, but he ends up accidentally bringing Boyle along. Meanwhile, Amy tries to prove that she is tough to Rosa and Holt, and Terry tries to spend an uninterrupted Christmas. Jake, Gina, and Boyle end up in a hostage situation in the store, and Jake is excited because it is like his favorite movie, Die Hard.

Jake calls Terry and interrupts his Christmas, but when he realizes how much of an emergency it is, he rushes down there. Jake kind of liking the situation is funny. Amy cuts Holt's toast short in order to get it over with, but she can't stand the cold. Terry discovers that the Vulture is in charge of the crime scene. Jake and Boyle try to protect Gina, but she wants to make a flamethrower so badly that she runs off and ends up getting taken.

Terry tries to convince the Vulture of a reasonable plan, but that doesn't go well. Jake and Boyle quietly take out each of the criminals but the ones holding the hostages. They answer a walkie talkie and discover where the hostages are being held, and Jake uses a hilarious Canadian accent. Terry tells the Vulture that they know where the hostages are being held, but he still wants to go with his plan, so Terry uses his strength. Amy sees the texts from Jake, so she goes into the water to get Holt and Rosa. Jake and Boyle are heard, so Jake takes one for the team.

Jake is about to get shot by the criminal, who Jake is excited about being a real bad guy. Boyle busts in at the perfect time, and saves Jake. Jake realizes how the burglars are escaping, so they are stopped. Holt tells Terry that he could be a great captain one day, and he wants him to take a lieutenant exam, the next step, though he is suspended for a week for what he did to the Vulture. Jake admits to Boyle that it was his Christmas gift that he forgot, but Boyle is thankful for Jake's sacrifice for him. One bad guy is getting away, so Jake lets Gina have her moment, though she hilariously goes a little extreme with it.

This was a great episode that really showed what Brooklyn Nine-Nine does best, comedy and crime together. Also, many jokes were made off of Jake's personality, which was great. It actually felt like an episode from season one.

What did you think of "Yippie Kayak"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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