iZombie S2E8 Review

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iZombie has been given an additional six episodes, so this season's storylines will likely get somewhat wrapped up by the end of the season. Yay! For now, let's enjoy the current episodes of iZombie, such as this week's "The Hurt Stalker".

S2E8 "The Hurt Stalker"

At the start of the episode, Liv and Gilda talk, and Liv says that she has a boyfriend. Then, a woman named Regina is attacked, and when she is about to stab the attacker, she is shot by someone else. Liv and Ravi show up at the scene, and then Clive shows up, saying that he used to date Regina. It is then revealed that a gun has been found, Clive's gun. Vaughn and Gilda meet, and she tastes some new flavors he has. They then take a look at a zombie test subject, which was really interesting. Liv has to work with a Detective Cavanaugh on this case instead of Clive, and he comes up with a motive for Clive.

Liv eats the brains of Regina, and Clive's girlfriend shows up. She has a mostly photo-shopped history of Regina and Clive's relationship. Liv becomes very obsessive on Regina's brains, and she goes into Major's phone. She finds texts between Major and "Rita". Major, the next morning, hides his zombie list in his safe. Ravi and Liv decide to help Clive. Clive tells Liv and Ravi that Regina was obsessed with police officers. Liv and Ravi pretend to be an engaged couple to find out more about Regina, and Liv has a vision of the man they meet ending things with Regina.

Ravi finds a book like the one that Regina made for Clive, but Liv discovers that he couldn't have been the killer. Liv, however, finds the initials of a guy with the initials of Regina on a lock at the bridge, along with two other locks for the two other guys. Liv, on crazy brain, goes through Major's Facebook, making a list of girls who comment on his posts. Gilda comes home, and Liv tells her about this "Rita".

Clive brings Liv and Ravi sandwiches, and it is very entertaining. Cavanaugh enters and accuses them of stealing evidence from his desk. Liv goes through with her crazy plan, and she tells Clive "the less you know, the better". She breaks into a car, but the owner of the car comes back to his car, so she has to hide. He ends up finding her though.

Liv gets arrested, and there are some pretty funny lines in this scene. Ravi visits Liv, and she says that she won't be getting out until Monday morning. One lady in Liv's cell shouts about how weed is legal, and she shouts "Ferguson! Ferguson! Ferguson!" which is hilarious. Liv has only a few more hours to go in jail, and she is getting really irritated with the loud lady, and almost goes full-on zombie mode on her, but she gets released early, just in time. Major is training Vaughn, and he sees the affect that Super Max has on him.

Liv and Ravi re-visit the dry cleaners, and the brother and sister that own the place are arrested in a really great scene. The sister is interviewed, and it turns out that the plan was only to scare Regina, but when Regina pulled the knife out, plans changed. The sister tells Liv that every man cheats, and she tries to get into Major's safe. She begs him to open the safe. Inside is Liv's engagement ring. That night, while Liv and Major are in bed, Major gets a text from "Rita". It was a great ending.

This was a great episode. It was different than most in how the case was handled, and I loved it.

What did you think of "The Hurt Stalker"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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