Brooklyn Nine-Nine S3E9 Review

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This week on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Jake and Rosa have to work with Swedish detectives. How funny is that? Read on for my review of the episode.

S3E9 "The Swedes"

The episode begins with Jake introducing the new vending machine. He gives an elaborate speech, and it is hilarious. He christens it with a champagne bottle, and a fire starts inside the machine, which was also really funny. Rosa and Jake investigate a crime at a pier, and they catch a guy who is possessing some stolen jewelry. Holt then tells the two of them that they will be working with two Swedish detectives. Gina is having difficulties in her astronomy class, so Terry and Amy offer to help her. Jake and Rosa meet the Swedish detectives, who seem to think that they are better than them because they are very well educated and know each other very well. Holt asks Boyle to play squash with him, and Boyle is worried that he will become too competitive. Holt informs Jake and Rosa that there has been a new development in the case, and they will be working with the Swedish detectives.

Jake and Rosa wait for the Swedish detectives to show up at the crime scene, but it turns out that they showed up already and already started to investigate the crime scene. Amy tries to teach Gina about astronomy, but Gina becomes bored because Amy makes it too complicated. Terry brings his friend, Neil deGrasse Tyson, to help teach Gina about astronomy. He asks Gina why she decided to take physics, and she says it was because she thought it would be cool to name moons, which is hilarious. The Swedish detectives are really funny as they talk to Jake and Rosa, and the two partners split up. The Swedish detectives go to a party, while Jake and Rosa go through a crate at the shipping yard.

Jake hilariously talks to the Swedish detectives, and then Rosa realizes that they looked in the wrong crate because Europeans write their dates backwards of the way Americans write it. Holt really wants to win the squash tournament, so he encourages Boyle to unleash the beast. Amy and Terry do an astronomy dance for Gina to teach her, but it turns out she already took the test that morning and she had passed. Jake and Rosa find the diamond, but they get into an argument about whether friends should be intimate or not, and then the truck that the crate is on back of starts to drive off with Jake and Rosa inside. Jake and Rosa come up with a plan, and they arrest the thieves. Holt tells Kevin that they won the trophy, but are banned from the squash tournament for life. Rosa decides to finally open up to Jake, and, after four shots, which was very funny, she tells Jake her new boyfriend's name.

Overall, this was a really good episode. Boyle's squash playing wasn't particularly funny, but it was alright, and the rest of the episode was great. The Swedish detectives were hilarious.

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