Jane the Virgin S2E8 Review

Jane the Virgin returned this week for one more episode before winter hiatus. Will this Christmas episode be good? Read on for my thoughts!

And, of course, spoilers ahead!

S2E8 "Chapter Thirty"

The episode begins with a flashback to when Jane was six, where she would throw tantrums, so Alba helped Jane calm down. Back in the present, Jane is angry at Rafael and tries to calm herself down. In line for Santa Claus, Rafael and Jane argue, and she actually yells at the Santa. Rafael is trying to stick to Jane's budget. Also, he realizes he can no longer be friends with Michael, which is hilarious. Jane discovers that she is not enrolled in grad school for the next semester because the scholarship that she thought she had was a fake, and Rogelio was really paying. This creates a very difficult situation for Jane.

Jane talks to her teacher, and he lets her know about a short story submission contest, but the genres are historical fiction, thriller, and science fiction. Rogelio finds Michael, and Michael says that he didn't really think that they were in a bromance. It was a hilarious scene. Louisa goes to the police, saying that she has been in contact with Rose, but the website no longer exists. Jane tries to write a historical fiction short story based on Alba, but she has trouble. Rafael messages her, asking for Christmas, and they get into an argument.

Jane discovers that her best chance is to find out who the writer of the article on the Solano's source inside the Marbella. Jane uses the idea of where Rafael's money is going to try to write a thriller story. In reality, it was going to a charity for domestic abuse victims. Xo encourages Jane to go to therapy with Rafael after a great scene with her and Rogelio.

Jane and Rafael meet with a decent therapist, which is really funny. She has them tell the story of what happened from other's point of view which is hilarious, but then Jane is reminded of Rafael's father. This becomes a great scene, and the therapist asks Jane why lying is such a trigger for her. Louisa is informed about her mother's whereabouts, in a mental institution, so she visits there with the female detective, but it isn't her mother! This is a great twist.

The episode is getting very psychological, as Louisa wonders if the reason she was attracted to Rose is because of her mother. Jane tries a science fiction story, and it turns out to be completely crazy. The teacher reveals the contest is open to all fiction, but he wanted to teach Jane something with each of the genres. Jane and Rogelio talk about the years they missed together, but Rogelio says that he can't imagine life without Jane.

Petra tells Rafael everything, about Ivan and more, and he then says that he finally understands her, and her visions of Ivan go away. Michael sends the Villanueva family their angel that goes on top of the three, which he fixed, Rogelio discovers that his intern's script is fantastic, and Alba receives her green card. It was three Christmas miracles, and it actually made me cry, mostly Alba. Things, however, are not going well for Petra, who gets arrested for Ivan's murder, which her mother accused her of.

This is my new favorite episode of Jane the Virgin. It was very psychological, balanced funny and serious well, had a great ending, and made me cry.

What did you think of "Chapter Thirty"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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