The Goldbergs S3E10 Review

It's the holiday season so obviously The Goldbergs had to have a holiday themed episode.
Fortunately it's Christmas but with a twist

S3E10 "A Christmas Story"

Future Adam starts the episode by talking about how he loves the winter time but not his family's festival, Hanukkah. He talks about how his mother always gives crappy presents on all 8 days. But this year, Beverly decided to get into the holiday spirit after seeing how much fun the Kremps have while decorating for Christmas. Thus Beverly starts a new tradition called Super Hanukkah which is basically a rip-off of Christmas which includes trends like a Hanukkah bush and giving great presents on one day. Everyone actually liked the idea of Super Hanukkah, except for Pops who thinks it is an insult to Hanukkah. This leads to Pops dressing up as Hanuclaus as an act of rebellion against Super Hanukkah and starts berating Beverly for discarding old traditions in favour of fancy new ones which leads to the Hanukkah bush catching fire and leaving them all depressed

On storyline B, Adam becomes jealous of Lainey after she starts doing all of Barry and Adam's traditions which include the fictional game BallBall and watching A Christmas Story with him.
Seeing Barry do all that with Lainey infuriates Adam, but Lainey backs off to allow the brothers to enjoy their time together. However, Barry insists on hanging out with Lainey so Adam dares Barry to stick his tongue to a pole but it backfires when Adam also gets stuck. While they're stuck Adam tells Bary about how he wanted to spend time with Barry and made Barry feel sorry for being a crappy brother. They later escape by getting the pole out of the ground and walking home while stuck to it.

In the end, both Beverly and Barry both learn that who you spend time with is the most important thing about the holidays as they all go for Chinese food with the Kremps after their Christmas also gets ruined.

I'm not very fond of Christmas episodes because they always seem kinda tacky but this one was pretty good. It was kinda surprising to see Pops angry and i didn't like seeing good old Pops being mad, especially at Beverly. It was nice to see Lainey back after a brief absence but there wasn't much of her this episode. Time to add BallBall to my list of cool fictional games, along with Calvinball and Cones of Dunshire.

Quote of the week: "I'm Hanuclaus, I'm mashing two words together to make one offensive one"

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