Jess's Take: During a Winter Hiatus

Hey folks, it's Jessica. This is another installment of Jess's Take, and we've had an interesting weekend. Welcome to Winter Hiatus 2015, and crazy things happen.

1. TVBTN Closes Comment Threads
This morning, TV by the Numbers closed two comment threads over off-topic information in the comments. 

Here's the post at the time of their closures on the Saturday ratings post:
Today, Rick Porter, the editor of TVBTN, posts this: 
We may never know what happened on Disqus, but a new Disqus channel was created to discuss off topic material. 

2. Donald Trump's Instagram, Meet the Supernatural Fandom
In case you didn't know, Donald Trump is the current frontrunner for the Republican Presidential Nomination. He is known for making racist and xenophobic rhetoric on the campaign trail. It seems that his commenters would agree with Trump but this weekend, the comments tell a different story. 

Let's look at these two photos: 
Fans of the hit show Supernatural decided to turn the tables on Trump's hateful rhetoric by posting comments such as #mishaforpresident, #jensenforfirstlady, #jaredforvicepresident, anything related to Destiel, as well as fan fiction about Trump and Castiel. There were references to Lucifer after a heartwrenching winter finale. Luckily I just happened to notice a tweet by Misha Collins after the takeover went in full swing:
If this is how fans are reeling during a winter hiatus, the effort deserves a round of applause. The weeks leading up to the end of the hiatus will be entertaining to watch. 

Question: What should I cover in the next installment? 

Let me know in the comments below! 

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