Modern Family S7E9 Review

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Modern Family has been very up and down this year. Will it end 2015 on a high note? Read on for my thoughts on the episode.

S7E9 "White Christmas"

At the start of the episode, the family is all preparing to go to a cabin in the mountains for Christmas, because Gloria wants to have a white Christmas for her first Christmas as an American. Joe is excited to make a "snow person", a line that I loved, and Gloria says that she wants a white Christmas like white people have. Mitch and Cam want this Christmas to go better than last Christmas when the song that they sang didn't go well, because Mitch got really drunk. The family is excited for snow, but they show up and it turns out that it isn't cold at all, Gloria was looking at the temperature in Celsius and thought it was Fahrenheit. They meet a woman at the cabin who is a relative of those who rented the cabin to them. She was not told that they were going to Hawaii for Christmas, probably because she is very annoying. Cam lets her stay with them. Mitch and Cam plan to ask Lily to film them singing, but she wants to sing with them when she finds out that they are singing Silent Night, her favorite Christmas song, she wants to sing too. The problem is, Lily is not a good singer. Jay announces that he is going to retire, and Claire thinks that he is going to pass the business on to her, but he says he is going to pass it on to someone else.

Claire is very angry, and she talks to Phil about it. Jay reveals that he made up the person he is giving the business to, and it is his plan to see if Claire actually cares about the business. Haley and Andy, who was invited because he was going to be spending Christmas alone, talk and are about to make out when Phil enters. Luke and Manny continue to try to scare Lily, but she still doesn't buy any of it. Alex realizes that the family might not want her around at Christmas in the future, and tries to be more positive, but everyone thinks that she is being sarcastic. Haley and Andy meet in the room to have sex. Claire tells Jay that she is angry, and tells him that the closet industry is boring. Mitch and Cam are about to sing their song, when they hear Lily screaming. They hilariously want to go on, but the family goes to find out what is wrong. Lily heard noises from the room, and they open the door to find Haley and Andy.

The family talks to Andy, then Gloria shows up with a surprise, she got Beth off work so she can be with Andy. Phil talks to Andy in private and tells him that he needs to make up his mind. Alex convinces the woman to be more in the Christmas spirit. They sing Silent Night together, which makes Mitch and Cam upset. Andy goes to talk to Beth, and turns out that Beth is cheating on Andy with two other people. Everyone in the family gets mad at the others. Gloria tells them that she wanted a Christmas different than the ones in Colombia with all of the heat and betrayal. She gets Claire and Jay to make up, then the family sees snow outside, but it turns out to be ash from a forest fire. This was a great ending. In the tag scene, the family leaves the house, but Luke is forgotten, locked in the room.

The episode handled a lot of plot, so I didn't talk much about the funny moments, but there was a lot of them, such as Phil with his coat. The episode handled many storylines very well, it was a great episode.

What did you think of "White Christmas"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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