Undateable S3E8 Review (Both Versions)

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Since, again, I did not get a chance to watch Undateable on Friday night, I will not review just the west coast version and then later update the review after I watch the east coast version. Instead, I will watch both versions (beginning with the west coast one for consistency purposes) and then post the review.

S3E8 "A Bachelorette Party Walks Into a Bar"

A bachelorette party is taking place in the bar, and they give Candace some candy penises. Danny is hitting on the girls not getting married at the party, and Justin and Candace tell him that they are tired of getting to know whatever dumbass he is dating. But, it turns out that the girl that Danny found that he likes, Charlotte, played by Whitney Cummings, was the girl that Justin and Candace wanted him to be with. Shelley jokes that he hopes they work out this time, referring to Whitney getting canceled. Shelly refers to The Wiz Live and says that it's nice to see that many black people on TV outside of the NBA finals. Danny and Charlotte talk, and multiple jokes are made referring to Whitney. Then, a gospel choir sings a version of the Hallelujah chorus, singing "and they shall date for ever and ever", which was hilarious.

The group is wondering where Brett is, as he hasn't been seen since he went home with the guy he met last night. Justin tells Danny that it is a big deal to date someone with a kid, as he got attached to every guy that his mom dates, such as Jose and Esteban. His mom worked in a Mexican restaurant. When Charlotte shows up, Danny leaves, saying that he doesn't want to be her kid's Esteban. Then, Brett shows up, and it turns out that the guy he went home with was the groom.

Charlotte is angry at both Justin and Brett. She asks how she could tell her boss that her fiancée is gay, so Justin gives her some hilarious advice. They realize that Charlotte is like the female Danny, and Shelley says that he wishes he could meet the female Shelley, then a woman just like him shows up. Leslie and Burski show up at Danny's apartment, and encourage him to not give up on Charlotte. Danny does the dance that Kevin Bacon does in Footloose when he's angry that it is against the law to dance hilariously, and Burski says that he will be the encouraging voice in Danny's head. Justin is about to tell Charlotte's boss that her fiancée is gay, but Charlotte decides that this isn't a good idea. Danny, however, happens to show up at that moment, and accidentally reveals that the fiancée and Brett had sex. Danny asks Charlotte for a second chance, and she says yes.

Overall the episode was a great one. Whitney Cummings was a great guest star, and the storylines of the episode were great. The east coast and west coast versions were extremely similar, so that is why there are no notes of any differences between the two versions.

What did you think of "A Bachelorette Party Walks Into a Bar"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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