Does FOX Have the Best Comedy Development? Part 3

Lord Miller Productions the New Seth MacFarlane for FOX?

I’m talking about the Phil Lord/Christopher Miller duo, who is behind The Last Man On Earth, as well as your favorite recent movie (they’ve done Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, The Lego Movie, 21/22 Jump Street, and will do upcoming moves such as The Lego Batman Movie, a Spider Man movie, a Han Solo film, and a film called The Flash, all estimated within the next three years). And yet, they have still found a way to create two new comedy ideas, one of which has already been ordered to series.

The first one, as you may have heard of by now, is Son of Zorn. It was ordered to series on November 10, and is said to be part live-action, part animated. The show is said to be about a warrior named Zorn who has come back to Earth after a decade, has to balance his office work job on Earth with a full-on war on his home planet. He simultaneously has to balance his earthly family. It already has a cast, which includes Jason Sudeikis as Zorn, who right now is a recurring character on The Last Man On Earth.

The second one also takes a typical sitcom idea, and turns it into something high-concept. It’s titled In Time, and is said to be about friends and their boring lives…and time travelling. Yeah. It currently only has a script, but I think FOX will be looking closely at this one.

If In Time is picked up and The Last Man On Earth is renewed, FOX will have three shows next season from the Lord/Miller duo, which is where Seth MacFarlane peaked with Family Guy, American Dad!, and The Cleveland Show all on the air at the same time. I have to say, the shows that they are willing to produce and sign on as executive producers are definitely very intriguing and creative, and can be what FOX becomes known for on the comedy side in future seasons, much how ABC has family comedies, CBS has multi-cams, and NBC has…Undateable Live.

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