The Middle S7E9 Review
This week on The Middle Frankie goes to a convention for work. How entertaining is that? Read on for my thoughts on the episode!

S7E9 "The Convention"

At the start of the episode, Frankie is unsure about the new changes at her job. She learns that she has to go to a convention in Des Moines, and all the expenses are paid. Frankie convinces Mike to go with her because he won't need to talk to anyone or anything. Sue has an extra bed in her dorm, and when Axl hears about that he decides that he will live with Sue, which she does not want. Frankie and Mike love the hotel room, while Big Mike watches Brick back at home, even though he insists that he can take care of himself. Brick ends up actually taking care of Big Mike, which is very funny. Frankie finds the convention very strange at first, but she ends up hilariously being inspired by the woman in charge of it all.

Axl and Sue are sharing a room, and Sue is becoming very irritated with Axl. Things start to go better, however, for Sue when everyone liking Axl results in everyone liking her too. Frankie is loving the convention, she is more inspired than ever, which is hilarious. Brick continues to take care of Big Mike. Sue parties late into the night for the first time ever, but this has bad results. She wakes up in the morning discovering that she missed one of her finals. Sue is freaking out, but Axl says that he has a solution. Frankie and Mike get a bill for the extra expenses, such as room service, which confuses them. Frankie talks to her boss, who explains that he said "y'all's expenses are paid", not "all y'all's expenses are paid", so they should have known that room service was not covered.

Axl explains options to Sue, such as a personal tragedy, or Sue could be a man, but she would have to live the next four years as a man with that one. Axl gets Sue to come up with a lie. Sue goes to class, but when the teacher asks where Sue was, she throws up. Frankie meets with the convention leader and asks her if she could pay the bill. She says that she won't, but she admires Frankie for asking. Axl moves out of Sue's room, even though she wants him to stay, and he compares himself to Mary Poppins which was hilarious. Brick continues to take care of Big Mike, and he tells Cindy when she calls that he just put him down for a nap. Frankie and Mike return home, and realize that they are glad that they had fun.

Overall, this was a great episode. It had many great funny moments, especially with Frankie and the convention.

What did you think of "The Convention"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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