iZombie S2E9 Review

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This is the last episode of iZombie until January. Will it end 2015 on a good note? Read on for my thoughts on this week's episode!

S2E9 "Cape Town"

The episode began with a guy dressed as a super hero saving a woman, but then getting killed. Liv and Major are arguing after, in last week's episode, Liv texted Rita from Major's phone, and she sent him a picture. Ravi then tells Liv that they have a body. Clive tells Ravi and Liv about the guy who was murdered, a high school shop teacher who patrolled the streets at night as "The Fog". Major meets a woman at a bar and discovers that she is a zombie. Clive and Liv begin to work on the case, and Liv has some great lines that I found hilarious, especially about the Santa.

Liv has a vision of another super hero named Hashtag getting in a fight with The Fog. One of Blaine's henchmen brings in an almost dead person, and they bring him to Ravi and Liv, which results in a hilarious line from Ravi about them having the system backwards. The guy is essential to getting more tainted utopium, and the only way he can be saved is if Liv makes him a zombie. She eventually does. This scene, I felt, lacked the intensity it needed.

Hashtag tells Clive and Liv that The Fog was creating a team of super heroes, but The Fog refused to include him. Blaine tells the new zombie that he is a zombie in a hilarious way. Major spies on the zombie he is supposed to kill, and finds a photo album. Liv talks to the team of super heroes, and it is one of the funniest things I have seen on television recently. The entire scene was pure gold. Then, they find out about another dead body, which is on a giant Christmas tree.

Liv, Ravi, and Clive discover that the body had its throat slashed, which is what Mr. Boss usually does. Liv and Ravi visit Blaine, and discover that the guy doesn't know as much about the utopium as they thought. Liv has a vision, and goes to Clive, but he tells her that they need to follow the protocol. The zombie that Major is following is about to kill herself, but Major stops her. However, this makes her go into full on zombie mode.

Major calms down the zombie, and she tells him that she is now a zombie hooker, which she was forced into. She asks him for her gun back. It was a really great scene. Major tells the zombie about what he does, and that Liv doesn't know what he is doing. Clive talks to the guys that The Fog saved the woman from, and it turns out that she robbed Mr. Boss's poker game, and that she killed him. Liv dresses up as a super hero, and tries to stop the drug shipment. She gets shot, and then goes full on zombie.

Liv gives the woman that killed The Fog her phone and tells her to call the police, but she tries to kill Liv. Mr. Boss then saves Liv. Major tranquilizes the zombie woman, but first she tells him to make sure that she doesn't live anymore as a zombie if he doesn't get the cure. Liv wakes up, and finds out that the people with the guns got away. Clive gets mad at Liv, and he "breaks up" with her. Then, Liv talks to Major and she says that they are not going to work out, and they break up. It seems that the only hope is if Ravi gets the cure, but it turns out that the cure is only temporary, so the cured humans will return to zombies. The tragic ending to this half of the season was really great.

This was a great episode, definitely the best of the season this far, and the best ever.

What did you think of "Cape Town"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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