End of Year Reflection

The TV Ratings Guide is still a pretty new site, but behalf on all of us I thank you all for visiting this site. It's amazing how many people who stumbled upon this site are willing enough to volunteer to publish articles.

I started The TV Ratings Guide myself using the Wordpress platform, and had a very hard tim spreading the word about it. My best month was April, where I pulled in a cumulative 842 views. Now, it's a little underwhelming if we pull in 842 views per DAY! I don't even know what our percentage increase is, but it's a big number. We've seen everything from Oh Smoo's massive
promotional push for the site in November, to stars of shows favoriting and retweeting tweets, and over the weeks and months we've been able to offer you a wide plethora of articles.

This site was created by me in the wee hours of the morning in February, and I can't believe what it has become today. Google Analytics has shown me that the site is being visited by all ages, a very balanced male/female ratio, and has been viewed in 87 different countries, and in every continent except Antarctica (we're still working on that one!), and in dozens of different languages.

We really want to make this site more interactive and get many more comments than we do. For the most part, I'm impressed with how many people are willing to comment, but in an effort to raise commenting I am planning on starting a "Commenter of the Week" segment, where the top commenter will be named based on the number quality of comments. I also plan on regularly updating the numerous "top shows" chart, much like a music chart would be updated.

Finally, it would be really awesome if you could spread the word about The TV Ratings Guide to your friends/online TV-speaking acquittances. We would love to continue to grow as a site, and it's unbelievable to see how far we have come.

 Once again, thank you, and please send us thoughts about what we should do in the future. You may leave them in either the comment section below or direct them to theratingsjunkie@gmail.com.

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