Fresh Off the Boat S2E9 Review

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2015 is almost over, but we still have a couple of episodes of Fresh Off the Boat left this year. Check out my review of the latest episode!

S2E9 "We Done Son"

The episode started with Jessica and Honey discussing the budget for their house-flipping. Jessica is critical of every expense that Honey wants to spend, but Jessica is spending money out of the budget for a fortune teller. Honey questions this, but Jessica insists that this expense is vital, she never makes a major decision without consulting her, and we see some very funny past decisions of Jessica. Eddie plans on buying his girlfriend a necklace for her birthday, but it costs fifty dollars. To earn more money, he responds to a babysitting ad, and his boss turns out to be a celebrity that he loves. Jessica and Honey call the fortune teller, but Honey is still upset that Jessica listens to all of the teller's ideas but none of hers. Jessica decides to cut Honey off.

Eddie wants to tell his friends about who he met, but he has to sign a non-disclosure agreement. An old friend of Louis's visits, which Jessica is upset about. Jessica tells Louis that she cut Honey off, and Louis says that she needs to stop cutting people out of her life. Evan hilariously returns Honey's things, and Eddie is tired from working, so he snaps at his girlfriend, but he can't tell her about his work. Louis's friend asks him to invest in his business in a very funny scene. Jessica realizes that Louis's mother is lonely because she cut people out of her life, so she decides to forgive Honey, but Honey doesn't forgive her.

Eddie tells his boss about his girl trouble, and he tells him that he needs to give her time, not gifts. Louis tells Jessica to apologize to Honey, and he decides to cut his friend off. Eddie's boss gives him a ride to his girlfriend's, which she loves. Jessica shows up at "jobprov" and does a scene with Honey, though what they do has nothing to do with the suggestion, which is hilarious.

Overall, this was a great episode, especially for Jessica.

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