Telenovela S1E3 Review

NBC has released episode three of Telenovela online, because there are nine episodes remaining after the premiere and only eight weeks of Telenovela in January and February, so I am going to review this online third episode!

S1E3 "Trapped in a Well"

At the beginning of the episode, Ana is having trouble telling what is real and what is fake. One of the actors gets hurt, and will not be with them this week. Ana makes an announcement, and it is hilarious, especially the crowd's gasping. Xavier makes Ana realize that she always has Mimi and Gael with her, and makes a joke about how Mimi is like Ana's personal assistant. Rodrigo tries to get Xavier to rehearse, but he says that he doesn't do that. Mimi and Ana get into a fight when Ana admits that she may have called Mimi her personal assistant once or twice. Isabela hilariously enjoys this argument. The new actress and the head writer are trying to avoid getting injured, and it is really funny. Rodrigo and Xavier show up at a pool party, and Xavier immediately becomes the deejay. Ana and Mimi get into another argument, but Ana doesn't realize that they are fighting. She is getting quite annoying in this episode. A stage light ends up falling on her head and knocking her out.

Ana wakes up, and everyone is worried that she might have amnesia, though she doesn't. She decides to fake amnesia so that Mimi will forget that she is mad at her. Rodrigo gets mad at Xavier for not taking rehearsing seriously. Mimi is convinced that Ana is making up the amnesia, so she makes things difficult for her, which is funny for us. She eventually proves that Ana does not have amnesia, which results in a hilarious reaction from Ana.

Mimi chases Ana, so Ana jumps into the well on the set. The problem is, she cannot get out, which is hilarious. Xavier gets his guitar back from Rodrigo. Rodrigo admits that he is upset because he has to work so hard for everything, but it all comes easy to Xavier. Mimi finds Ana in the well, and ends up falling into the well. They have a pretty funny conversation in there. In the morning, Mimi is still telling Ana the things that annoy her. The young actress and lead writer are excited about the well incident, believing that it is the third accident. But, Mimi and Ana are not hurt, and then they slip on spilled water.

Overall, this was a good episode. Ana was annoying in parts of it, and Xavier and Rodrigo weren't that entertaining, but otherwise it was great.

What did you think of "Trapped in a Well"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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